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Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families

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Marriages and Families

Staebell-Acker 1951: Armer Richard Staebell and Betty Acker · Sources

Stabell-Adolf 19??: Lawrence Stabell and Irene Adolf · Sources

Staebell-Ball 1899: Joseph Francis Staebell and Francoise Ball · Sources

Staebell-Barnhart 1923?: Joseph D. Staebell and Ruth Barnhart · Sources

Staebell-Becker 1826: Francois Antoine Staebell (b.1800) and Marguerite Barbara Becker · Sources

Staebell-Binder 1890: John Staebell (1864-1928) and Josephine Binder · Sources

Staebell-Brown 1945: Joseph Francis Staebell and Verne Elizabeth Brown · Sources

Staebell-Burst 19??: Frank M. Staebell and Marion Burst · Sources

Staebell-Caspar 1782: Joannes Jacob Staebell (1756-1807) and Catherine Caspar · Sources

Staebell-Caspar/Meyer 1810/1828: Francois Staebell (b.1784) and (1) Catherine Caspar, (2) Barbe Meyer · Sources

Staebell-Cooley 1917: Benjamin Franklin Staebell and Lora Cooley · Sources

Staebell-Donovan 1919: Andrew Staebell and Margaret Donovan · Sources

Staebell-Downey 1927: Albert Charles Staebell and Daisy Iva Downey · Sources

Staebell-Endle 19??: John Jacob Staebell (1890-1967) and Clara Endle · Sources

Staebell-Fischer/Hupfer 19??: Joseph Staebell (b. 1873) and (1) Catherine Fischer, (2) Magdalena Hupfer · Sources

Stabell-Fix 1875: Joseph Stabell and Mary Anne Fix · Sources

Staebell-Fleenor 195?: Ferdinand Joseph Hayes ("Fred") Staebell and (1) Patricia A. Fleenor and (2) Lynn · Sources

Staebell-Gassert 1716: Antoine Staebell and Maria Dorothea Gassert · Sources

Staebell-Gassert 1780: Joannes George Staebell (1758-?) and Barbe Gassert · Sources

Staebell-Hammontree 1870: Bernhardt Staebell and Mary Frances Hammontree · Sources

Staebell-Hoch 1887: Frank Anton Staebell and Barbara Hoch · Sources

Staebell-Hoehe 1782: Francois Staebell (b.1760) and Maria Eva Hoehe · Sources

Staebell-Jaeger 1754: Francois Staebell (1730-1814) and Gertrude Jaeger · Sources

Stabell-Johnson 194?: Herbert John Stabell and Thelma Johnson · Sources

Staebell-Klosterman 1954: Joseph Bernard Staebell (1928-1982) and Marilyn Klosterman · Sources

Stabell-Kocher 1884: George Staebell and Mary Monica Kocher · Sources

Staebell-Laplante 1921: Joseph Ferdinand Staebell and Beatrice Laplante · Sources

Staebell-May 1848?: Francois Antoine (Frank) Staebell (1820-1898) and Margaret May · Sources

Staebell-Mayer 1737: Anton Staebell and Elisabetha Mayer · Sources

Staebell-Merckling 1917: Charles Joseph Staebell and Clara A. Merckling · Sources

Staebell-Meyer 1827: Mathias Staebell and Marguerite Meyer · Sources

Staebell-Mueller 1902: Edward Staebell and Frances Mueller · Sources

Staebell-Mueller 1910: Jacob Staebell and Catherine Mueller · Sources

Stabell-Pautler 1887: John Stabell and Magdalena Pautler · Sources

Staebell-Philipps 1860: Francois Joseph Staebell (b.1828) and Caroline Philipps · Sources

Stabell-Reinhart 1908: Edward Stabell and Agnes Reinhart · Sources

Staebell-Romens 1875?: Ferdinand Staebell and Regina Romens · Sources

Staebell-Schaeffer 1895: Ferdinand Joseph Staebell and Magdalena Schaeffer · Sources

Staebell-Schenck 1818: Bernard Staebell and Margaretha Schenck · Sources

Staebell-Schenck 1855: John Staebell and Catherine Schenck · Sources

Staebell-Schick 1926: Joseph Bernard Staebell (1898-1954) and Frances Schick · Sources

Stabell-Schmidt 191?: Herbert Frank Stabell and Alice Schmidt · Sources

Staebell-Schulz 1945: James Albert Staebell and Mary Elizabeth Schulz · Sources

Staebell-Seiler 1788: Joseph Staebell and Anna Maria Seiler · Sources

Staebell-Staebell 1839: Anthony (Francois Antoine) Staebell and Marie Eve Staebell · Sources

Staebell-Voegele 1917: Frank John Staebell and Josephine Voegele · Sources

Staebell-Wagatha 1890: Bernard Staebell and Magdalena Wagatha · Sources

Stabell-Wagner 1843: Mathias Stabell and Magdalena Wagner · Sources

Staebell-Waltermeyer 1938: Leo J. Staebell and Mary C. Waltermeyer · Sources

Staebell Family 189?: Joseph L. Staebell and Katie · Sources

Staebell Family 191?: Edward Staebell (1894-1975) and Marion · Sources

Staebell Family 193?: Joseph Staebell (1905-1982) and wife · Sources

Stayzer-Noxel 19??: William Stayzer and Margaret Noxel · Sources

Steck-Mesmer 17??: Michael Steck and Catharina Mesmer · Sources

Steibel-Forbes 19??: Matthew Steibel and Christina Forbes · Sources

Steibel-Lehnerd 190?: John F. Steibel and Agnes Mary Lehnerd · Sources

Steibel-Neigh 192?: Joseph F. Steibel and Helen Neigh · Sources

Steibel-Waugaman 1941: Paul N. Steibel and Marie Waugaman · Sources

Steibel-Wenzel 187?: Frank Steibel (Staebell) and Helena Wenzel · Sources

Stephan-Hubsch 182?: Peter Stephan and Magdalena Hubsch · Sources

Stephan-Nuwer 1867: Jacob Stephan and Felicitas Nuwer · Sources

Stephan-Voegele 1902: George Stephan and Caroline Voegele · Sources

Strack-Ernewein 18??: Pierre Strack and Maria Ernewein · Sources

Strack-Reuss 1905: Aloise Strack and Joséphine Reuss · Sources

Strasser-Caspar 1718: Mathias Strasser and Barbe Caspar · Sources

Strasser-Dentinger 1762: Johannes Adam Strasser and Maria Catharina Dentinger · Sources


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