Genealogy of the
Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families

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Marriages and Families

Daigler-Nuwer 1907: Andrew Philip Daigler and Lucy C. Nuwer ·

Dangler-Hoffart 17??: Adam Dangler (Sr.) and Eva Hoffart

Dangler-Roehrig 1782: George Dangler and Anna Maria Roehrig

Dangler-Strasser 1743?: Adam Dangler (Jr.) and Barbara Strasser

Daul-Maÿ 17??: Jacob Daul and Anna Maria Maÿ ·

Daul-Regenhardt 1898: George L. Daul and Emma Regenhardt

Daul-Weber 1853: Joseph Daul and Maria Magdalena Weber

Degenhart-Maute 19??: Albert Degenhart, Sr., and Mary A. Maute ·

Delzer-Staebell 1946: Warren Delzer and Margaret Staebell

Dentinger-Beil 1746: Joannes Jacob Dentinger (1720-1799) and Maria Catharina Beil

Dentinger-Fix 1741/1753: Michael Dentinger and (1) Eva Fix, (2) Maria Margaretha Amman

Dentinger-Keyser/Eisenmann 16??/1685: Joannes Michael Dentinger and (1) Katharina Margaretha Keyser, (2) Maria Eisenmann

Dentinger-Kocher 1780: Michel Dentinger and Katherine Kocher

Dentinger-Philipps 1714: Joannes Jacob Dentinger (1684-1770) and Maria Catharina Philipps

Dentinger-Schenck 17??: Joaannes Michael Dentinger (1682-1746) and Maria Eva Schenck

Diemert-Nuwer 1909: Lawrence Diemert and Helen B. Nuwer ·

Drummer-Durliat 1859: John Drummer and Maria Anna Durliat

Drummer-Heidorn 18??: George Drummer and Anna Heidorn

Drummer-Koenig 1870: George Drummer and Eva Koenig


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