Genealogy of the
Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families

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Marriages and Families

Arbogast-Dentinger 1717: Heinrich Arbogast and Anna Sybilla Dentinger Sources

Arbogast-Dentinger 1745: Joannes Jacob Arbogast and Maria Magdalena Dentinger Sources

Baird-Gragg 186?: Benjamin F. Baird and Celia Gragg · Sources

Baird-Gragg 1873: William B. Baird and Louisa (or Eliza) Ann Gragg · Sources

Balthasar-Ailinger 1857: Francis Balthasar and Mary Ailinger · Sources

Balthasar-Bauer 1885: Henry Balthasar and Mary Bauer · Sources

Balthasar-Clemens 1859: William Balthasar and Elizabeth Clemens · Sources

Balthasar-Heintz 18??: Henry Balthasar and Regina Heintz · Sources

Balthasar-Levenig 1820: Christopher Balthasar and Suzanna Levenig · Sources

Balthasar-Ostertag 1891: John Balthasar and Bertha Ostertag · Sources

Balthasar-Weitzman 1893: Francis Balthasar and Barbara Weitzman · Sources

Bauer-Staebell 19??: Howard J. Bauer and Elinor C. Staebell · Sources

Beaver-Mesker 1900: Herman Beaver and Olive Mesker · Sources

Beil-Schenck 17??: Anton Beil and Anna Maria Schenck · Sources

Besch-Nuwer 19??: Joseph Besch and Ida M. Nuwer · Sources

Boak-King 19??: Robert Boak and Georga King · Sources

Bobst-Boseck 19??: Alfred J. Bobst and Claire E. Boseck · Sources

Bonhurst-King 19??: Richard Bonhurst and Argyle King · Sources

Breitenstein-Seaverson 19??: George Kimbrough Breitenstein and Myrtle Seaverson · Sources

Brinkworth-Smale 19??: Frank Brinkworth and Dorothy Smale · Sources

Burg-Schenck 1838: Louis Burg and Barbe Schenck · Sources

Burgasser-Nuwer 1879: George Burgasser and Magdalena Nuwer · Sources

Burghaus-Clemens 1866: Johann Joseph Burghaus and Josepha Clemens · Sources

Burkard-Nuwer 19??: Lawrence Burkard and Mary D. Nuwer · Sources

Carey-King 19??: Kenneth W. Carey and Quediet King · Sources

Chrysler-Smith 19??: George Chrysler and Alice Leola Smith · Sources

Clarkson-Roll 1951: William Clarkson and Shirley Ann Roll Sources

Clemens-Ochel 182?: Franz Clemens and Mary Ochel · Sources

Collee-Schneider 1936: John Pierre Collee and Loretta Margaret Schneider · Sources

Conroy-Mesker 1886: Martin Conroy and Amelia (Meal) Mesker · Sources

Conroy-Sullivan/Godson 19??: Frank Conroy and (1) Maybell Sullivan, (2) Lucy Godson · Sources

Crysler-Annis 1899: Ambrose Crysler and Bertha Mae Annis · Sources

Crysler-Owen 19??: John Crysler and Lucille Owen · Sources

Crysler-Wright 19??: Leo Crysler and Helena Wright · Sources


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