Genealogy of the
Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families

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Marriages and Families

Smale-Conroy 19??: Ralph Smale and Mae Conroy · Sources

Smith-Gregg 1899: William Smith and Alice Gregg · Sources

Smith-Mesker 1925: William E.G. Smith and Bianca Mesker · Sources

Smith-Nuwer 19??: Albert Smith and Martha F. Nuwer · Sources

Smith-St. John 1869?: William Smith and Emma St. John · Sources

Smith-Staebell 1954: William Smith and Alice Staebell · Sources

Snider-Burt 1928: Francis Raymond (Mesker) Snider and Hazel Burt · Sources

Sott-Adloff ca.1689: Vit Sott and Marguerite Adloff · Sources

Spindler-Staebell 19??: F. Spindler and Louise Staebell · Sources

Sprenger-Gundy 1855: Jacob Sprenger and Barbara Gundy · Sources


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