Genealogy of the
Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families

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Marriages and Families

Schaefer-Anderson 1901: Joseph F. Schaefer and Annie Anderson · Sources

Schaefer-Hess 1956: Joseph Schaefer and Shirley Mariann Hess · Sources

Schaefer-Voegele 1927: Robert Schaefer and Anna Voegele · Sources

Schaubel-Schneider 1934: Charles Edward Schaubel and Mary Sophia Schneider · Sources

Schenck-Baÿer/Fischer 1743/1780: Joannes Jacob Schenck and (1) Anna Maria Baÿer, (2) Catharina Fischer · Sources

Schenck-Beÿer 1778: Franz Schenck and Maria Barbara Beÿer · Sources

Schenck-Dangler 1702: Joannes Jacob Schenck and Maria Magdalena Dangler · Sources

Schenck-Dangler 1812: Joannes Jacob Schenck and Barbara Dangler · Sources

Schenck-Dentinger 1772: Valentin Schenck and Margaretha Dentinger · Sources

Schenck-Jäger 16??: Jacob Schenck and Magdalena Jäger · Sources

Schenck-Kocher 1749: Franz Valentin Schenck and Maria Magdalena Kocher · Sources

Schenck-Loos/Lorentz 1738/1763: Catharina Schenck and (1) Heinrich Loos, (2) Joannis Lorentz · Sources

Schenck-Philipps 17??: Joannes Franz Schenck and Anna Margaretha Philipps · Sources

Schenck-Ruff 1796: Mathias Schenck and Barbe Ruff · Sources

Schmalz-Heintz 1847: John J. Schmalz (Sr.) and Mary Eva Heintz · Sources

Schmalz-Hoch 1881: John Jacob Schmalz and Mary Hoch · Sources

Schmitt-Lear/Schmitt 19??: Jerome M. Schmitt and (1) Azella J. Lear (2) Elizabeth Schmitt · Sources

Schmitt-Rudolph 1934: Francis Henry Schmitt and Margaret Mary Rudolph · Sources

Schmitt-Rycheck 193?: George William Schmitt and Marie Rycheck · Sources

Schmitt-Schlegel 192?: Joseph F. Schmitt, Jr., and Esmerelda Schlegel · Sources

Schmitt-Steibel 189?: Joseph F. Schmitt and Mary Magdalen Steibel · Sources

Schneider-Drexler/Kreppe 1710/1724: Jean Valentin Schneider (1686-?) and (1) Anne Catherine Drexler, (2) Catherine Kreppe · Sources

Schneider-Drummer/Learn 1857/1880: Jacob Schneider and (1) Sophia Drummer, (2) Sarah Jane Learn · Sources

Schneider-Durliat 1853: John Schneider and Maria Anna Durliat · Sources

Schneider-Eaves 18??: John Schneider and Mildred Eaves · Sources

Schneider-Fromholz 1778: Nicolas Schneider and Anne Marie Fromholz · Sources

Schneider-Huffman 19??: George Schneider and Jennie Pearl Huffman · Sources

Schneider-King 1903: Peter Schneider and Catherine Mary King · Sources

Schneider-Klein 1823: Peter Schneider and Barbara Klein · Sources

Schneider-Lang 1718/?: Christian Schneider and (1) Anne Catherine Lang, (2) Anne-Elisabeth Weiss · Sources

Schneider-Lutzenburger/Herrmann 1706/1716: Simon Schneider and (1) Anne Marie Barbe Lutzenburger, (2) Anne Herrmann · Sources

Schneider-Meyer 1680?: Jacques Souabe Schneider and Barbe Meyer · Sources

Schneider-Michel 1736: Jean Valentin Schneider (1708-1773) and Marguerite Michel · Sources

Schneider-Viges 1947: Edward Louis Schneider and Florance Isabel Viges · Sources

Schneider-Widdig 189?: Jacob Schneider and Ida Widdig · Sources

Schweitzer-Staebell 1946: Aloyse Schweitzer and Emilie Staebell · Sources

Seebacher-Curtis 19??: James J. Seebacher and Anna Curtis · Sources

Seebacher-Rebel 19??: Sylvester J. Seebacher and Eleanor Rebel · Sources

Seebacher-Steibel 19??: Paul M. Seebacher and Ida M. Steibel · Sources

Seiler-Unfried 1764: Martin Seiler and Suzanne Unfried · Sources

Sensenbrenner-Daul/Wild/Philipps ca.1777/1796/1812: Barbara Sensenbrenner and (1) J. Michael Daul, (2) Jean Wild, (3) Jean George Philipps · Sources

Siegel-Merkel 16??: Martin Siegel and Anna Merkel · Sources

Siegel-Pfohl 1666: Jean Sebastien Siegel and Marie Eve Pfohl · Sources

Siegel-Reiffsteck 1691: Jean Martin Siegel and Marie Dorothée Reiffsteck · Sources


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