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Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families

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Marriages and Families

Trautmann Family ca.1639: Laurent Trautmann and Anne Marie or Elisabeth · Family Tree Diagram Sources

Vögele-Burckert 16??: Johann Vögele and Cathrin Burckert · Sources

Voegele-Degenhart 1922: Joseph H. Voegele and Catherine Degenhart · Sources

Vögele-Fritz 1746: Antonius (Antoine) Voegele and Maria Anna Fritz · Sources

Voegele-Goetz/Uhry 1786/1799: Joseph Voegele (b. 1759) and (1) Margaretha Götz, (2) Maria Anna Uhry · Sources

Voegele-Hilbert/Balthasar 1890/1895: Joseph Voegele (1862-1934) and (1) Josephine Hilbert, (2) Anna Balthasar · Sources

Vögele-Jäck 16??: Johannes Vögele and Catharina Jäck · Sources

Voegele-Kramer 1896: Francis X. Voegele (1866-1940) and Frances Kramer · Sources

Voegele-Lawless 1933: Aloysius Voegele and Loraine Lawless · Sources

Voegele-Mang 19??: Arthur Voegele and Mary Mang · Sources

Vögele-Meyer 1757: Jean Voegele and Catharina Meyer · Sources

Voegele-Miller 1821: Joseph Voegele (1790-1868) and Catherine Miller · Sources

Vögele-Öestreich 1743: Joannes Martinus Vögele and Catharina Öestreich · Sources

Voegele-Ott 1859: Joseph Voegele (1823-1890) and Catherine Ott · Sources

Voegele-Ott 18654: Francis X. Voegele (1830-1904) and Caroline Ott (1846-1934) · Sources

Voegele-Ott 1905: Henry Voegele and Caroline Ott (1876-?) · Sources

Vögele-Siegel 1715: Andreas Vögele and Elisabeth Siegel · Sources

Voegele 1951: Norbert Voegele and Anneliese · Sources

Wagner-Staebell 1804: Jacques Wagner and Margaretha Staebell · Sources

Walter-Fix 1749: George Walter and Barbara Fix · Sources

Walter-Philipps 1714: Balthasar Walter and Margaretha Philipps · Sources

Walter-Staebell 1951: Joseph Gerard Walter and Marcella Clarissa Staebell · Sources

Weber-Greiss 17??: Adam Weber and Marie Barbara Greiss? · Family Tree Diagram Sources

Weber-Lux 1763: Nicolas Weber and Madeleine Lux · Sources

Wild-Kieffer 1760: Jean Wild and (1) Maria Anna Kieffer, (2) Barbara Sensenbrenner · Sources

Wilhelm-Fremdling 1790: Jean Wilhelm and Catharine Madelaine Fremdling · Sources

Wintermantel-Balthasar 18??: Martin Wintermantel and Theresa Balthasar · Sources


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