Baptism Record of Joseph Vögele
December 19, 1788

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Source: LDS Family History Library microfilm # 0740080.

Transcribed and translated from the Latin by Brian J. Smith, September, 2000.

This is the baptismal record of Joseph Voegele, born in Soufflenheim in 1788. At first I thought that this was my great-great-great-grandfather. However, I later found a burial record for this child. He died two days after his birth and baptism. My ancestor, also named Joseph Voegele, was born to the same parents two years later, in 1790.

See an image of the original document.

The text, in Latin:

Josephus Vögele [in the left margin]

Hodie decima nona Decembris anni millesimi Septingentesimi octogesimi octavi a me subscripto baptizatus est hodie natus Josephus filius legitimus Josephus Vögele civis et operarius hujatus, et Margaretha Götz conjugum hic commorontium patrinus fuit Josephus Mesmer civis et operarius, matrina vero(?) Barbara Mary nata Burger, qui omnes una mecum et patre subsignavent.


The English translation (imperfect):

Joseph Vögele

Today the nineteenth of December in the year one thousand seven hundred eighty-eight, by me the undersigned, was baptized born today Joseph, legitimate son of Joseph Vögele, citizen and laborer in this place, and Margaretha Götz, of this living married, godfather is Joseph Mesmer, citizen and laborer, godmother (vero?) Barbara Mary born Burger, who all together with me and the father have signed below.



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