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Smith, Staebell, Voegele, and Mesker Families

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Marriages and Families

Eissenzaemer-Studer 17??: Joseph Eissenzaemer and Barbara Studer · Sources

Ennesser-Schiringer/Riedt 1667/1676: François Ennesser and (1) Elisabeth Schiringer, (2) Anna Riedt · Sources

Ernewein-Voegele 1835: Wendelin Ernewein and Armande Voegele · Sources

Falkner-Hock 1909: Joseph John Falkner and Laura Dorothy Hock · Sources

Fenwick-Montgomery 19??: Walter Fenwick and Mildred Montgomery · Sources

Feuerstein-Kirchmeyer 1874: Frank Feuerstein and Frances Kirchmeyer · Sources

Feuerstein-Rinagle 19??: Edwin Feuerstein and LuLa Rinagle · Sources

Feuerstein-Sorg 18??: Charles Feuerstein and Catharine Sorg · Sources

Finck-Bernhardt 1647: Jean Finck and Maria Bernhardt · Sources

Fischer-Staebell 1782: Philip Henry Fischer and Maria Barbara Staebell (1761-1794) · Sources

Fischer-Staebell 1809: Anton Fischer and Maria Magdalena Staebell · Sources

Fix-Dentinger/Fischer 1751/1766: Anton Fix and (1) Maria Catharina Dentinger, (2) Anna Maria Fischer · Sources

Fix-Steinmetz 1722: Nicolas Fix and Catharina Steinmetz · Sources

Freeman-Gregg 1893: Frank H. Freeman and Margaret Gregg · Sources

Freeman Family 19??: Joseph Freeman and Wave Freeman · Sources

Fürst-Fürst? 18??: Joseph Fürst (Fuerst) and Franceska Fürst · Sources

Gable-Rousey 19??: Burton James Gable and Bertie Mae Rousey · Sources

Gasser-Baumhauer ca.1684: Jean Jacques Gasser and Anne Marie Baumhauer · Family Tree Diagram Sources

Gasser-Kamberger 1721: Matthias Gasser and Anne Marguerite Kamberger · Sources

Gassert-Lorentz 1724: Joannes Jacob Gassert and Anna Maria Lorentz · Sources

Gassert-Philipps 1693: Joannes Jacob Gassert and Margaretha Philipps · Sources

Glöckler-Wild/Judt 17??/1747: Ottilia Glöckler and (1) Johann Georg Wild, (2) Martin Judt · Sources

Götz-Mühlheisler 1760: Mathias Götz and Margaretha Mühlheisler · Sources

Götz-Schnur 17??: Wendel Götz and Eva Schnur · Sources

Gragg-Curtis 1842: John Gragg and Malinda Curtis · Sources

Green-Staebell 19??: Charles Green and Theresa J. Staebell · Sources

Gregg-Gragg 18??: Susan Gragg and (1) George Gregg, (2) Mr. Campbell, and (3) Alpheus Pierce · Sources

Gundy-Meyer 18??: Sebastian Gundy and Margaret Meyer · Sources

Gundy-Nuwer 1869: Joseph Gundy and Theresa Nuwer · Sources

Gurney-Hoch 1882: Frank Joseph Gurney (or Garnie) and Dorothy Hoch · Sources

Hastings-Freeman 19??: Mr. Hastings and Ruth Freeman · Sources

Haun-Gragg 1895?: James E. Haun and Callie Gragg · Sources

Haun Family 19??: Walter Haun and Camille Haun · Sources

Haynes-Staebell 1944: Charles Joseph Haynes and Amelia Julia Staebell · Sources

Heintz-Wagner 1821: John Reinhart Heintz and Marie Cresence Wagner · Sources

Hentches-Balthasar 1881: Martin Hentches and Mary Balthasar · Sources

Hock-Fecher 1828: Matthaus Hock and Margaretha Fecher · Sources

Hoch-Fürst 1857: Frank Hoch and Eva Fürst · Sources

Hock-Lang 1820: Jacob Hock and Barbara Lang · Sources

Hock-Merkt 1887: John Hock and Mary Merkt · Sources

Hock-Meurer 1786: Matthaus Hock and Maria Eva Meurer · Sources

Hock-Rusch 184?: Andrew Hock and Theresa Rusch · Sources

Hock-Rusch 1840: Claudius Hock and Anna Maria Rusch · Sources

Hock-Thin 18??: Matthias Hock and Maria Eva Thin · Sources

Hochstaetter-Gasser 1745: Joseph Hochstaetter and Catherine Gasser · Sources

Hochstaetter-Sott 1715: Ulrich Hochstaetter and Catherine Sott · Sources

Hohe-Spitzer 17??: Jacob Hohe and Maria Eva Spitzer · Sources

Hohe-Steck 1754: Johannes Hohe and Anna Margaretha Steck · Sources

Jäck-Christmann 16??: Johannes Jäck and Anna Maria Christmann · Sources

Jaeger-Geist 1714: Francois Jaeger and Elizabetha Geist · Sources

Jung-Schenck 1810: Ignace Jung and Maria Catharina Schenck · Sources

Kamberger-Huber/Rinck/Muller ca.1684/1704/1715: Michel Kamberger and (1) Catherine Huber, (2) Maria Rinck, (3) Barbara Muller · Family Tree Diagram Sources

Kappl-Staebell 1885: John Kappl and Sophie Staebell · Sources

Kennedy-Smith/Wright 19??: William Kennedy and (1) Ella Smith, (2) Marion Wright · Sources

Kieffer-Haller 16??: Lorentz Kieffer and Johanna Haller · Sources

Kieffer-Kan 16??: Hans Kieffer and Otilia Kan · Sources

Kieffer-Nuwer 1849: John Kieffer and Celestine Nuwer · Sources

Kieffer-Schitt 17??: Thomas Kieffer and Anna Maria Schitt · Sources

Kieffer-Wagner/Schoeffter 17??: Anton Kieffer and (1) Eva Wagner, (2) Maria Anna Schoeffter · Sources

King-Frommert 18??: Otto King and Annie Frommert · Sources

King-Laborn 1867: George King (Senior) and Fredericka la Born · Sources

King-Montgomery/Royce 18??: Henrietta King and (1) John Montgomery, (2) Herbert Royce · Sources

King-Rice 19??: George King (Junior) and Della Rice · Sources

Kirsch-Schneider 1820: Pierre Kirsch and Anne Schneider · Sources

Klehammer-Schenck 1745: Joannes Adam Klehammer and Anna Margaretha Schenck · Sources

Kocher-Ball 1763: Bernard Kocher and Maria Margaretha Ball · Sources

Kocher-Caspar/Arbogast 17??/1723: Joannes Valentin Kocher and (1) Anna Maria Caspar, (2) Maria Catharina Arbogast · Sources

Kocher-Dentinger 1738: Joannes Michael Kocher and Margaretha Dentinger · Sources

Kocher-Schenck 1735: Valentin Kocher, Jr., and Maria Eva Schenck · Sources

Kocher-Staebell 1881: Egiedie Kocher and Marie Barbe Staebell · Sources

Kocher-Walter/Vogt 1752/1760: Mathias Kocher and (1) Maria Eva Walter, (2) Maria Eva Vogt · Sources

Kolb-Staebell 1813: Jacob Kolb and Marie Eve Staebell · Sources

Krollmann-Clemens 18??: Jacob Krollmann and Gertrude Clemens · Sources

Kurzdorfer-Stephen 1938: Vincent Kurzdorfer and Florence Stephen · Sources

Laborn-Kührmann/Westphal 18??: Carl Laborn and (1) Elise Kührmann, (2) Sophia Westphal · Sources

Lackey-Steibel 1935: Maxwell C. Lackey and Mary Steibel · Sources

Lehmann-Strack 1928: Philippe Lehmann and Joséphine Strack · Sources

Lehnerd-Steibel 190?: Nicholas Ferdinand Lehnerd and Rose M. Steibel · Sources

Lepard-Staebell 1942: LaVerne Lepard and Marie Staebell · Sources

Lewis-Steibel 1940: Raymond J. Lewis and Helen Steibel · Sources

Loos-Dentinger 1757: Laurence Loos and Anna Maria Dentinger · Sources

Lorentz-Geist 17??: Johanus Lorentz and Elizabetha Geist · Sources

Ludwig-Messner 17??: Joseph Ludwig and Catherine Messner · Sources

Lux-Ennesser ca.1709: Jean Henri Lux and Anne Marie Ennesser · Sources

Lux-Juchs 1733: Jean Adam Lux and Anne Marie Juchs · Sources


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