St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Alden, NY
Names from Church Records

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I transcribed this information from the Alden microfilm records beginning in July, 2002. I did not transcribe every record found, only records for families and time periods in which I have an interest. The project is incomplete and still ongoing. I have organized these names into families on the page "Alden NY - Families from Microfilm Records."

On this page, microfilm numbers and film numbers refer to FHL catalog numbers. For more information, see Family History Library (FHL).

Film 1292868 - St. John the Baptist Church records, 1847-1917


Sources: Item 1 Part 1 of microfilm 1292868, "Baptisms 1847-1886"; Item 2 of microfilm 1292868, "Baptism Register 1847-1886."



Format: Name - death date, burial date, birth place (if given), age, cause of death (if given)
All are buried at St. John's Cemetery in Alden unless otherwise noted.
Source: Item 6 of microfilm 1292868, "Record of Interments 1854-1947."

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