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In 1967, my mother, my Uncle Jim, and I (Brian Smith) came across some papers in our Aunt Anna's attic. Aunt Anna's home was built by her parents, Joseph and Anna (Balthasar) Voegele. The papers were handwritten in German. Some months later, my Uncle Jim had the papers translated by a friend. Here is the translation, along with Uncle Jim's notes, which are generally, but not always, in parentheses.


Translation of papers from the Balthasar records:

From the Church Rectory - Baptismal Record:

In the year A.D. 1836, September 30th in Ruplinghausen was born a daughter named Elizabeth Clemens. She was baptised in the church in Olpe on 1 October 1836. Parents are a cabinet maker and farmer, named Franz Clemens and Mary Catherine Ochel. (or Oken?)

Signed: At Olpe, 25th August 1955. In truth, Rev. Hengstebeck.

This Elizabeth Clemens was mother of Anna R. Voegele (Munners mother)

It is possible she obtained this baptism certificate prior to coming to U.S.A.


William Balthasar married Elizabeth Clemens 19 July 1859.

William Balthasar born 29 May 1829 and died 31 January, 1870.

Elizabeth Clemens Balthasar born 30 September 1836 and died 24 January 1871.

Anton William Balthasar born 4 May 1860; baptized 6 May 1860; died 10 May 1861.

Alois Henry Balthasar born 12 June 1861; baptized 13 June 1861; died on 17 January 1862.

Mary Catherine Balthasar (Aunt Mary Maute) born 6 October 1862, baptized 8 October 1862.

Anna Balthasar (Mother Voegele) born 17 March 1864; baptized 20 March 1864.

Mary Elizabeth Balthasar born, baptized and died 25 January 1866.

Martin William Balthasar ("Willie") born 6 May 1867; baptized 8 May 1867, died 18 June 1872.

Granduncle Bathasar (1st name not known) died 5 June 1869.

May he rest in peace; William Balthasar born 29 May 1829, died 31 Jan 1870.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for their works follow them.

(William & Elizabeth were parents of Mother Voegele; Names from Anton to Martine William were their children)