Anna Balthasar's Family Album, Photo # 35c
Christopher Balthasar and His Family?

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This appears to be the oldest photograph in the album. The people in it are not identified. Seated in the center are an elderly woman and man. Standing beside them are a young woman and a young man. The original photograph bears the name and address of a photography studio in Buffalo.

Because of its placement in this album, it is possible that the elderly couple might be Anna Balthasar's grandparents, Christopher Balthasar (1792-1869) and Suzanna Levenig (who died prior to 1855). The young adults might be their daughter Theresa (1835-1895) and one of their three sons: Henry, William, or Francis. The man standing on the right does resemble William Balthasar. (Compare to photo 34c and photo 35d.)

Close-ups from this photograph:

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