Passenger List for the Sailing Ship Meta
Arriving at New York on 19-Nov-1846

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This appears to be the ship that brought my ancestors, the Drummer family, to America.

Source: National Archives Microfilm 237
"Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, 1820-1897"
Roll 64: September 1 - November 30, 1846 (List Nos. 785-1033)

Ship # 1004 - Meta
Port of Embarkation: Bremen
Date of Arrival (at New York): Nov. 19, 1846

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About the Ship Meta

This profile of the ship is from the "Palmer List of Merchant Vessels" by Michael Palmer at

META (1842)

The Bremen ship META was built at Vegesack/Grohn by Johann Lange, for the Bremen firm of H. H. Meier & Co, and was launched on 9 May 1842. 200 Commerzlasten / 521 tons register, 35,4 x 9,0 x 5,6 meters (length x beam x depth of hold). 20 June 1842, maiden voyage from Bremerhaven to New York, Jürgen Meyer, master, with 10 cabin passengers and 206 in steerage. Meyer was succeeded as master of the META in 1846 by Christoph de Harde, of Bremerhaven.

In 1857, the META was sold to Gerhard Ihlder jr. and Hilderich Ihlder, both of Bremen, who placed her under the command of, in turn, Johann Jaburg, of Vegesack, and Georg August Theodor Hartmann, of Bremerhaven. In 1862, the META was sold to Norwegian interests in Arendal. Her last owner was H. Aalholm, of Arendal, her last master G. M. Halvorsen. She was scrapped in 1896.

Source: Peter-Michael Pawlik, Von der Weser in die Welt; Die Geschichte der Segelschiffe von Weser und Lesum und ihrer Bauwerften 1770 bis 1893, Schriften des Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseums, Bd. 33 (Hamburg: Kabel, c1993), p. 204, no. 171.


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