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In the course of researching our family history for the past thirty years, my mother (Alice Staebell Smith), my uncle (Rev. James Staebell), and I have encountered and corresponded with many Staebells, on the hunch that we are all related somehow (this side of Adam of course). Recent searches on the internet have turned up additional Staebells searching for their roots. So far, it looks to me like we are indeed all related, originating from a single Staebell clan in Stundwiller, Alsace (Bas Rhin), France. I have corresponded with other people who are researching Stundwiller, and although they might not have Staebell in their lineage, we always have turned out to be related through the Dentingers, the Schencks, or some other Stundwiller family.

On this page, I will attempt to document the many Staebells and other Stundwiller researchers that we have encountered, and explain our relationships. For now, I begin with these:

A number of other Staebells have corresponded with us over the years. As time permits, I hope to add their lineages to this page:


G. Russell Bussiere and Nancy Staebell Bussiere

Nancy Bussiere and her husband, Russell Bussiere, of Nashua, New Hampshire, corresponded with my mother in 1992. Russell and Nancy have done a very impressive job of researching Staebell family records from Stundwiller. In October, 2000, Russell sent me a manuscript of his Staebell genealogy, which is a primary source for much of the Staebell information in this genealogy. Our common ancestors are John Staebell (1829-1893) and his wife Catherine Schenck Staebell (1829-1883). Nancy is my third cousin. This is Nancy's lineage:

Judy Staebell Jennings / Rita Staebell Rosauer / Jacqueline MacPherson

Judy Staebell is the wife of Hal Jennings, who has published a very large on-line genealogy database at http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~jennin/genealogy.html. Most of the older Staebell entries in the database are attributed to Rita Staebell Rosauer of Bettendorf, Iowa, "from family group sheets researched by J. MacPherson in 1982-83." The genealogy includes Judy's heritage, which connects to my own with Francois Staebell (1730-1814) and his wife Gertrude Jaeger (1730-1793). Judy is my sixth cousin. This is Judy's lineage:

As far as I know, no one in my immediate family has ever corresponded with Judy Jennings.

Rita Rosauer wrote a letter to my Uncle Jim in the 1980's describing her family history research and to my mother in early 2001. She, like Judy Jennings, is a descendant of the branch of the Staebell family that settled in Iowa and South Dakota. Other members of that branch of the family contacted my uncle and my mother in those pre-internet days: Paul C. Staebell of Waterloo, Iowa, and William D. Staebell of Bloomington, Minnesota.

In November 2000, I contacted Jacqueline MacPherson by e-mail. She is most likely the "J. MacPherson" cited in the Jennings database. Russell Bussiere and Nancy Archdekin have told me that Jacqueline MacPherson assisted their research when she was a volunteer assistant at the Family History Center in Erie County. According to Nancy Archdekin, Jacqueline MacPherson's husband is my sixth cousin. Our common ancestors are Franz Staebell (1730-1814) and Gertrude Jaeger (1730-1793).

Other sixth cousins from ths branch of the Staebell family have also contacted me: Mike T. Staebell of Iowa (Nov-2000), Rachel Staebell of Iowa (Nov-2002), Aaron Staebell of Missouri (Jan-2003), Ron Staebell of South Dakota (Jan-2003), and Dennis Staebell of Colorado (Mar-2003).

Herbert Stabell

Herbert Stabell of Lancaster, New York, corresponded with my mother in 1994. Our common ancestor is Francois Antoine Staebell (1784-?). Herbert is descended from Mathias Staebell, third child of Francois and his first wife, Catharine Caspar (?-1813), who came to America in 1847. Some of Mathias's descendants dropped the "e" from the name the name Staebell (Stäbell), and used the name "Stabell." Herb is my fourth cousin. This is Herb's lineage:

Jim Dendinger

Jim Dendinger of Virginia has a genealogy website at http://csm.jmu.edu/biology/dendinger/family. Jacqueline MacPherson, mentioned above, is cited as one source for this genealogy. His extensive "New York" ancestry page lists a large number people from many of the same towns (Oberroedern, Stundwiller, Aschbach) and with many of the same family names (Dentinger, Schenck, Jäger, Phillips, Arbogast, Fix, Gassert, Kocher, Meyer) as I have in the Staebell side of my family tree. This branch of Jim's family migrated in 1836 from Alsace to Western New York, settling in towns such as Amherst and Williamsville.

The ancestry of Jim Dendinger and my ancestry probably connect at more than one point. Jacob Schenck and his wife Magdalena Jäger are one pair of common ancestors, making Jim my eighth cousin. Jacob and Magdalena are the parents of my ancestor Johannes Francois Schenck and of Jim's ancestor Maria Eva Schenck. Here is that line of Jim Dendinger's lineage:

Another common pair of ancestors that Jim and I share are Johannes Michael Dentinger and Katharina Margaretha Keyser, the parents of Joannes Jacob Dentinger. :

Elinor Staebell Bauer

Elinor Bauer of Depew, New York, corresponded with my mother and my Uncle Jim in 1981, regarding our common Staebell ancestry. Elinor is my grandfather's cousin. Our common ancestors are John Staebell and Catherine Schenck. This is Elinor's lineage:

Elinor passed away on 05-Nov-2000. (Refer to her obituary...)

Marcella Staebell Whaley

Marcella Whaley of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, corresponded with Elinor Bauer in 1981, in an attempt to determine how various Staebell families were related. Our common ancestor is Francois Antoine Staebell (1784-1856). Marcella is my mother's third cousin. This is her lineage:

Marcella passed away on 17-Apr-2004.

Ann C. Fox

Ann Fox of Ormond Beach, Florida, contacted me in November, 2000, after she discovered the many Staebell names on this site. "Stapell," a variation of Staebell, was the maiden name of Ann's mother. At the time she first wrote to me, Ann was just beginning to research the records available at the LDS FHC, and she did not know enough of her ancestry to determine how she might fit into the Staebell family described on this site. But Ann made rapid progress, and within a couple months she had traced her ancestry back enough generations to make a connection. Ann and my mother Alice are fourth cousins. Our common ancestors are Francois Antoine Staebell and Marie Eve Hohe. This is Ann's lineage:

Charles J. Sheridan

Charles J. Sheridan of Homosassa, Florida, contacted me in January 2001, after he read a message from me on an internet message board about my great-great-grandmother, Catherine Schenck. Charlie must be the world expert on the Schenck family, because the next day he sent me a large document with a comprehensive list of Catherine's ancestors, aunts, and uncles. Charlie says that he works on his genealogy 40-80 hours each week, and has a database of over 40,000 names. Charlie says that he and I are seventh cousins. I do not know his entire lineage, but our common ancestors are Joannes Franz Schenck and Anna Margaretha Philipps.

Carol Gable

Carol Gable of Milton, Florida, wrote to me by e-mail in March, 2001, after seeing her great-grandfather listed on RootsWeb WorldConnect (http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com). Her great-grandfather, John Staebell (1864-1928), and my great-grandfather, Frank Anton Staebell (1857-1937), were brothers. So Carol and I are third cousins. Most of the material that you will find on this genealogy website about the descendants of John Staebell and his wife Josephine Binder has been contributed by Carol.

Nancy Archdekin

Nancy's website: http://home.att.net/~archde.omaha/index.htm

Nancy Archdekin of Omaha, Nebraska, wrote to me by e-mail in March, 2001, after finding this website. Nancy has been researching the microfilm records of Stundwiller, Aschbach, and Oberroedern for over twenty years and has built a family history of over 28,000 names. Her ancestry goes back to Jacob Philipps and Maria Magdalena Dentinger, who married in Stundweiller in about 1715. Jacob and Maria Magdalena had nine known children and Nancy has been working on tracing all of the descendants of this family. Needless to say, it has turned out to be a large ongoing task. The Staebell and Schenck families are part of her research, and Nancy has been able to provide many valuable additions and corrections to my genealogy records. Her research appears to be extremely thorough and accurate. I am in the process of incorporating the information that I have received from her into the genealogy pages on this website.

Nancy is the seventh cousin of my mother Alice. Nancy and my mother are also both alumnae of D'Youville College. Our common ancestor is Hans Michel Dentinger, the father of Joannes Jacob Dentinger. This is Nancy's lineage:

Dorothy Philipps

Dorothy Philipps of New York City first contacted me in March 2001. Her surname, Philipps, was a common name in Stundwiller, and it appears in my family tree. Her ancestor, Joseph Philipps, was born in Stundwiller on 12-Aug-1854, and immigrated to New York City.

Although Dorothy and I are probably related through the Philipps name, the connection we have made so far is through a common Staebell ancestor: Francois Staebell (1730-1814) and his wife Gertrude Jaeger (1730-1793). Dorothy and I are sixth cousins. This is her lineage:

Patti Staebell Black

Patti Staebell Black of Littleton, Colorado, contacted me in February, 2002, after viewing this website. She belongs to the branch of the Staebell family that settled first in Dayton, Ohio, and later moved to the Denver, Colorado, area.

Patty and I are sixth cousins. Our common ancestors are Francois Staebell (1730-1814) and his wife Gertrude Jaeger (1730-1793). This is Patti's lineage:

Julien Riehl

Julien Riehl (e-mail chulr@yahoo.com) lives in Achenheim, a village in Bas-Rhin (Alsace) near Strasbourgh. Julien found this website and contacted me in February, 2002. He has ancestors from Stundwiller/Buhl/Aschbach and also from Soufflenheim.. On the Soufflenheim side, he is researching these names: Bohl, Burger, Daul, Elchinger, Haberkorn, Hausswirth, Hochenedel, Hummel, Kieffer, Leppert, Obermeyer, Messner, Riehl, Schaeffer, Schoeffter, Stieckelreisser, and Stifflemeyer.

On the Stundwiller side, Julien's father is my sixth cousin. Our common ancestors are Jean Adam Dangler and Barbe Strasser. This is Julien's lineage:

Julien and I have another pair of common ancestors: Valentin Kocher and Catherine Arbogast. Through this line, Julien's father and I are seventh cousins. Here is Julien's lineage from that couple:

Marge Thomas and Sharon Duff

Marge Thomas of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, contacted me in January, 2003, after locating this website. She had been searching for information about her great-grandfather, Frank Steibel, born November 27, 1847, in New York to Mathias Steibel and Magdaline Wagner. He is a match to Frank Staebell in my genealogy, two years old in the 1850 census of Alden, New York, son of Mathias Staebel and Magdalena Wagner.

Marge is my fourth cousin. Our common ancestors is Francois Antoine Staebell (1784-1856). She is descended from his first wife, Catharine Caspar:

Sharon Duff, who also lives in Pennsylvania, contacted me in October, 2003, when she recognized her Seebacher ancestors on this site. Sharon's father is Marge's second cousin. Here is how she is descended from Frank Steibel:

Adrian Martinez and Jeanette Braun Martinez

Adrian Martinez contacted me in January, 2004, after using this website to help him with his family history research. His wife Jeanette Braun is a descendant of Stundwiller families, and therefore we are related.

Adrian has identified three lines that relate Jeanette and me. The first is through our common ancestor are Francois Staebell (1730-1814) and his wife Gertrude Jaeger (1730-1793):

The second line begins with the same Staebell ancestors:

A third connection begins with our common ancestors Joannes Valentin Kocher and Maria Catherina Arbogast:

Through the two Staebell lines, I am a sixth cousin to Jeanette's mother Elizabeth Beilman. Through the Kocher line, Jeanette and I are seventh cousins.

MaryLou Frazier and Mary Frazier

MaryLou Frazier of Johnstown, New York, contacted me in April, 2005, after locating this website. She is my fourth cousin. Our common ancestor is Francois Antoine Staebell (1784-1856). She is descended from his first wife, Catharine Caspar:

A couple months later I was contacted by Mary Frazier of Northfield, Minnesota. Her husband Scott is MaryLou's brother.


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