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Genealogy Records of G. Russell Bussiere
September 20, 2000

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G. Russell Busierre sent me his Staebell genealogy, "Descendants of Wendel Staebell," in October, 2000. The 23-page document lists ten generations of Staebells, 244 people beginning with Wendel Staebell, who was born in the late 1600's, down to present day Staebell children.

The quantity and quality of Russell's research is the best that I have seen in any Staebell family history. I greatly appreciate his providing it.

The document is based on the following numbered sources. I use these numbers in the source references in the genealogy on this website.
FHL microfilm numbers refer to FHL catalog numbers. For more information, see Family History Library (FHL).

  1. FHL Microfilm # 774731
    Aschbach, Buhl, Oberroderen, Stundweiller, Alsace, FR.
  2. FHL Microfilm
    Aschbach, Buhl, Oberroderen, Riedseltz, Stundweiller, Alsace, FR.
  3. FHL Microfilm # 774730
    Aschbach, Buhl, Oberroderen, Stundweiller, Alsace, FR.
  4. FHL Microfilm # 774734
    Stundweiller, Alsace, FR.
  5. FHL Microfilm # 774733
    Stundweiller, Alsace, FR.
  6. Gravestone
    United German and French R.C. Cemetery
    Sec.SS, Lot #6, Line #4, Grave #18.
  7. FHL Microfilm # 778002
    Oberroderen, Alsace, FR.
  8. Gravestone
    St.John the Baptist Cemetery
    Alden, NY.
  9. Baptismal Record, St.John the Baptist, Alden, NY.
  10. Death Cert.
    Pompano Beach, Florida.
  11. FHL Microfilm # 1292868
    St. John the Baptist, Alden, NY.
  12. FHL Microfilm # 1144327
    Aschbach, Alsace, FR.
  13. Marriage Records St.John the Baptist, Alden, NY.
  14. Cert. of Baptism, St. Mary of Sorrows, Buffalo, NY.
  15. Cert. of Marriage, St. Gerard, Buffalo, NY.
  16. Cert. of Baptism, Holy Name, Buffalo, NY.
  17. Birth Cert. Buffalo, NY.
  18. Marriage License, Tonawanda, NY.
  19. Birth Cert. Fitchburg, MA.