Marriage Record of Antoine Staebell and Maria Dorothea Gassert
January 27, 1716

My attempt at reading this, in Latin:

Eodem die copulati est Antonius Stäbel filius legitimus Wendelini Stäbel et pudica virgo Maria Dorothea Gasserin filia legitima Jacobi Gassert.

My attempt at translating this to English:

That same day [27-Jan-1716, from the previous record] were joined Anthony Staebel, legitimate son of Wendel Staebel, and the chaste virgin Mary Dorothy Gasser, legitimate daughter of Jacob Gassert.

This record is from the On-Line Records of Bas-Rhin: Page 2 of 101 of the Stundwiller Catholic Parish records, marriages, 1714-1772.

This couple, Antoine Staebell and Maria Dorothea Gassert, are my direct ancestors.