Diary of Frank A. Staebell

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Notes by Brian Smith, September, 2000: My mother has in her possession a small pocket-sized notebook which was kept by her grandfather, Frank Anton Staebell (1857-1937). In our family we have always called this book Frank's "diary," although it is more of a small notebook or ledger. According to my mother, it was discovered among her grandfather's possessions after he passed away. The writing in it is in German. In the late 1960's my Uncle Jim had the diary translated by a friend. From that, Jim wrote a summary of what the pages contain. Here is the summary, followed by some of my comments.



Page 1 - Record of people repaying money lent to family. No names/dates.

Page 3 - George Dendinger came to us on March 1, 1886. He gave me money, that he owed me.

Page 4 - Again George Dendinger paid money to me.

Page 5 - 11 more small money matters.

New client paid (Marie Meyers)

Page 11 - We bought a house from Peter Joachim for $1250.00.

Page 12 - Financial report of repairs on house; bought door for $1; bought window sill for $.87.

On November 2, 1880 Frank Anton went to the United States.
On October 19, 1887 we got married.
Antoinette Staebell, born July 28, 1888; died October 17, 1896.
Frank John Staebell, born Nov 4, 1890
On March 30, 1897 - Clara Staebell was born.
Persons who go to America should get in touch with Joseph Koeble, #18 Third St, New York City. He will take care of them.
On August 7, 1846 Frank went to America.
On May 28, 1847 Eva and Mathew went to America.
On Nov 27, 1883 John Staebell with his family went to America.
On August 21, 1812, Katrina Staebell was born.
On March 7, 1815, Mary Eva Staebell was born.
February 17, 1817, Mathew Staebell was born.
July 10, 1820, Frank Staebell was born.
January 11, 1825, Barbara Staebell was born.
June 27, 1829, John Staebell was born.
July 29, 1833, Jacob Staebell
September 22, 1837, Leonard Staebell
August 13, 1856, Marie (Monica) Barbara Staebell
November 23, 1857, Frank Anton Staebell
December 4, 1860, Adelaide Staebell
August 19, 1862, Sophia Staebell
February 4, 1864, John Staebell
August 25, 1868, Bernhard Staebell
October 31, 1869, Jacob Staebell
August 24, 1871, Peter Wendell Staebell --died Dec. 26, 1893
April 1, 1873, Joseph Staebell
March 5, 1875, Edward Staebell



The list of birth dates appear to represent three generations of families:

In November 1994, my mother received a letter from Herbert J. Stabell, Jr., of Lancaster, New York, who turns out to be a third cousin, being a descendant of the Matthew Staebell (b. 1817) in the diary. Herb shared his research with us, which included the 1812-1837 family, and added detail to it. Here is what Herb shared with us:

Herb says that this information is from research performed by G. Russell Bussiere and Nancy Staebell Bussiere of Nashua, New Hampshire.

As you can see, Herb's information matches Frank A.'s diary, with a few minor variations.