Soufflenheim - Families from Microfilm Records
Compiled by Brian J. Smith

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Based on the names found in the Soufflenheim microfilm records, I have constructed the following families.



Familes with Wife Named VOEGELE/VÖGELE


Familes with Wife Named MÜLLER/MILLER

Familes Named DAUL

Familes with Wife Named DAUL

Although there are many people named Daul in the Soufflenheim records, I tracked only Maria Anna Daul in the late 1700's, because she might be my direct ancestor, and a few others.

Familes Named WILD/WILT

Familes Named KIEFFER

There are many people named Kieffer in the Soufflenheim records. I have tracked only those that I think have a relationship to my ancestry or to the Nuwer ancestry.

Familes Named GOETZ/GÖTZ

Familes with Wife Named GOETZ/GÖTZ

Familes Named NUWER/NUBER and Related Families

See also Families Named KIEFFER

Familes Named HALTER

Familes Named VOGEL

The surname Vogel is not the same as the surname Voegele/Vögele. They are separate families. As far as I know, I have no ancestors named Vogel.

Other Familes


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