Lauterbourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace - Names from Microfilm Records
Compiled by Brian J. Smith - May, 2003

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I searched the microfilm records of Lauterbourg, a village in Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France, hoping to find a record of my ancestors Peter Schneider and Barbara Klein or perhaps my ancestors John Ott and Mary Ann Meder. I did find some OTT and SCHNEIDER records in the years 1803-1832, but no record of my ancestors. Therefore, I believe that my ancestors did not originate in Lauterbourg.

In Apr-2003 I received an e-mail message from Rosemary O'Connor in which she said that a Julia Mary LEHMANN, Daughter of Lawrence LEHMANN Jr. and Catherine REILLER, was born in Lauterbourg. Catherine REILLER and her sister Josephine REILLER were the daughters of Anthony REILLER and Mary Catherine MANHARDT. Josephine REILLER married a KOABEL. Julia Mary LEHMANN married a ROMANCE. These were families who settled in Welland County, Ontario.

FHL Microfilm 0726094 - Lauterbourg - Index of Deaths 1669-1830

FHL Microfilm 0726094 - Lauterbourg - Tables Décennales (Ten-Year Indexes) 1823-1852

Marriages, 1823-1832

I searched for marriages of males with surnames SCHNEIDER, OTT, or LEHMANN.

Births, 1823-1832

I searched for births with surnames SCHNEIDER, OTT, or LEHMANN.

Births, 1833-1852

I searched for births with surname LEHMANN.


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