Welland County, Ontario

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Welland County is the home of my Schneider ancestors.

Location and Townships

Welland County is a peninsula in Ontario, Canada. It is bounded on the north and west by Lincoln County (with Lake Ontario to the north of Lincoln County), on the east by the Niagara River (and Niagara Falls), and on the south by Lake Erie. Haldimand County is to the west. Across the river to the east are Niagara County and Erie County in New York State.

This map is from "Niagara Genealogy Locator -- By Map" at http://www.rootsweb.com/~onniagar/townshipmap.htm, where it was contributed by Dan E. Barrett.

Welland County is divided into eight townships, each of which contains various towns and villages. According to "Niagara Genealogy Township Index" at http://www.rootsweb.com/~onniagar/welland/townshipindex.htm, the townships are as follows:

  1. Bertie Township -- Bertie Bay, Buffalo Heights, Crystal Beach, Fort Erie, Oakhill Forest, Ridgemount, Snyder, Stevensville, Thunder Bay
  2. Crowland Township -- Cooks Mills, Dain City, Welland
  3. Humberstone Township -- Bethel, Brookfield, Gasline, Humberstone, Port Colborne, Sherkstone, Sugar Loaf Hill
  4. Pelham Township -- Effingham, Fenwick, Fonthill, Pelham, Pelham Centre, Pelham Corners, North Pelham
  5. Stamford Township -- Clifton, Drummondville, Niagara Falls, Stamford, Stamford Station
  6. Thorold Township -- Allanburg, Allanburg Junction, Black Horse Corners, Centreville, Port Robinson, St. Johns West, Thorold, Turners Corners
  7. Wainfleet Township -- Beckett Bridge, Long Beach, Marshville, Marshville Station, Ostyhon Corners, Perry Station, Sugar Loaf Hill, Wainfleet, Wainfleet Station, Willow Bay, Winger
  8. Willoughby Township -- Chippewa, Douglastown, Netherby, White Pigeon

Historical Maps

Excellent historical maps of Welland County and other Ontario counties are available on-line at "The Canadian Atlas Digital Project," http://digital.library.mcgill.ca/CountyAtlas. These maps were drawn between 1874 and 1881. The maps show the names of lot holders, and the website has indexes by name.

The maps for all of the Welland County townships were drawn in 1876. You can determine this by using the website features to locate an individual person, and call up the detail about that person.

The image above is from the northeast corner of the Humberstone Township map. It shows the lot owned by my ancestor Jacob Snider (Schneider).

Roman Catholic Churches

The Catholic Diocese of St. Catherine's spans the counties of Welland, Lincoln, and Haldimand.

This map is from "The Diocese of St. Catharines Parishes" at http://www.romancatholic.niagara.on.ca/parish.htm. It shows each parish in the diocese.

Catholic parishes in Welland County, in the order of their founding:


Welland County Records on Microfilm


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