Welland County, Ontario - Families from Microfilm Records
Compiled by Brian J. Smith - March-April, 2002

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This page assembles the "Names from the Welland County Microfilm Records" into families. Except where noted, the source for this information is the "Names from the Welland County Microfilm Records" page.



BALL-WOLFSTIRN - Frank BALL and Christina WOLFSTIRN, 1853

BLONDE-___? - John Blonde and Anna Maria ___?

BLONDE-BLONDE - Francis Blonde and Anne Blonde

BLONDE-GERBER - John Blonde and Anna Maria Gerber

BLONDE-SCHACHER - Nicholas Blonde and Catherine Schacher

BLONDE-SCHNEIDER - George Blonde and Katharina Schneider

BLONDE-WILLICK - Nicholas Blonde and Catharina Willick

BRUNNING-WILLICK - Jacob Brunning and Mary E. Willick

CARROLL-TRENDEL - Francis Carroll and Minnie? Trendel

COLLEE-SCHNEIDER - John Collee and Loretta Schneider

DENT-SCHNEIDER - Ernest Dent and Mary Schneider

DIEHL-SCHNEIDER - Peter M. Diehl and Barbara Snyder

DRUMMER-DURLIAT - John Drummer and Maria Anna Durliat

DRUMMER-HAIDORN - George Drummer and Anna Haidorn

DRUMMER-KOENIG - George Drummer and Eva Koenig

DURLIAT-BLONDE - Francis Xavier Durliat and Marie Anne Blonde

DURLIAT-JUNG - Jacob Durliat and Marie Anne Jung

GERBER-SCHNEIDER - Paul Gerber and Elizabeth Schneider

JOCHIM-BALL - Jacob JOCHIM and Catherine BALL, 1853

KAUFMANN-BAUER - Peter Andrew Kaufmann and Anna Maria Bauer

KAUFMANN-SCHNEIDER - Sebastian Kaufmann and Maria Anna Schneider

KAUFMANN-TRENDLE - Dominic Kaufmann and Elizabeth Trendle




KOENIG-WILLICK - Joseph Koenig and Catharina Willick

MORETTIE-WILLICK - Charles Edward Morettie and Theresia Willick

MYER-WILLICK - Joseph Myer and Maria Anna Willick

ROACH-WILLICK - Maurice Roach and Barbara Willick

ROONEY-MYER - Jacob Rooney and Teresa Myer

SCHIHL-GUERING - Jacob Schihl and Catharina Guering

SCHIHL-SCHNEIDER - Peter Schihl and Maria Anna Schneider

SCHNEIDER-BAUER - Frederick Schneider and Maria Anna Bauer

SCHNEIDER-DRUMMER - Jacob Schneider and Sophia Drummer

SCHNEIDER-DURLIAT - John Schneider and Maria Anna Durliat

SCHNEIDER-HUFFMAN - George Schneider and Pearl Huffman

SCHNEIDER-KING - Peter Schneider and Catharina King

SCHNEIDER-KLEIN - Peter Schneider and Barbara Klein

SCHNEIDER-MEYER - Peter Schneider and Maria Elisa Meyer (Mayer, Meier)

SCHNEIDER-SCHIHL - John H. Schneider and Catharina Schihl

SCHNEIDER-WIDDIG - Jacob Schneider and Ida Widdig

SCHNEIDER-WILLICK - John Louis Schneider and Mathilda Josephine Willick

SOMERVILLE-WILLICK - William George Somerville and Anna Maria Willick

TRENDEL-VOISIN - Joseph Trendel and Anna Voisin

TRENDEL-WILLICK - John Trendel and Elizabeth Willick

TRENDEL-WILLICK - Andrew Trendel and Barbara Willick

WILLICK-BAUER - John Willick and Barbara Bauer

WILLICK-HENDERSON - William J. Willick and Irene Henderson

WILLICK-KOEBEL - Jacob Willick and Magdalena Koebel

WILLICK-KOEBEL - Peter Willick and Maria Anna Koebel

WILLICK-NEU - John Willick and Joanna Neu

WILLICK-SCHIHL - Joseph Willick and Anna Schihl

WILLICK-SCHIHL - Benjamin Willick and Magdalena Schihl

WILLICK-SCHNEIDER - John Willick and Anna Maria Schneider

WILLICK-SCHNEIDER - Peter Albert Willick and Louisa M. Schneider

WILLICK-SCHNEIDER - Henry Edward Willick and Elizabeth Schneider

WILLICK-SCHNEIDER - Martin William Willick and Clara Amelia Schneider

WILLICK-TRENDEL - Nicholas Willick and Eleanora Trendel


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