The Alsace Emigration Book

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This is a two-volume book set with alphabetical lists of people who emigrated from Alsace.

Title: The Alsace Emigration Book, volumes 1 and 2
Compiled by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler
Publisher: Closson Press -
Copyright dates: 1989 (for volume 1) and 1991 (for volume 2)

Each book appears to be a computer-generated surname-sorted table of people who emigrated from Alsace. There are about 23,000 listings in the two volumes altogether. The principal information given is name, town, and date of emigration (or maybe date of application to emigrate). In many cases birth year is available. The main value of the book is in identifying the town of origin of an Alsatian ancestor, because this is one of the few region-wide indexes for those of us researching Alsace. Some people who participate on this list have been able to find their ancestor's home town from this book. I have not been so lucky. I have five separate branches on my family tree with ancestors who emigrated from Alsace. None of them appears in the books. I don't know how many people emigrated from Alsace during the 1800's, but I'd guess it is a lot more than 23,000. The book says that 125,000 emigrated just during the 1840's. So my guess is that the book list perhaps about 10% of the emigrants.

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