St. Boniface Catholic Church, Buffalo, NY
Names from Church Records

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The records of St. Boniface Church should be available on these two FHL microfilm reels, although I have not looked at them:

Many of the St. Boniface Church records are also available on this website: Schwertfeger/Schwert family.
The records on this website are the source for the information contained on this page.

Links to key pages on the Schwertfeger/Schwert family website:


I have transcribed here key information from a subset of the marriage records. The records I am interested in are those that mention Alsace, and those that have a relationship to my family. I have reviewed all marriages for the years 1849 through 1851.

All of the marriage records that I have reviewed so far name the town and country of origin of the bride and groom. The names are in Latin. I recognize these place names:


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