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During the course of researching my Voegele family history, I have had the good fortune to make contact with some distant cousins:


Dr. Donald C. Nuwer

Dr. Donald Nuwer of Williamsville, New York, was the physician of my Uncle Jim (Reverend James Staebell). Both of them share an interest in the family history. Don has corresponded with my mother (Alice Staebell Smith) and in late 2000 he and I began corresponding, sharing genealogical information and photos.

Don is the second cousin of my mother and uncle. Our common ancestors are Joseph Voegele (1823-1890) and his wife Catherine Ott (1825-1908). This is Don's lineage:

I have also corresponded with Don's son Dave and daughter Mary. They are my third cousins.

Don's grandfather, Anthony Nuwer, is the son of John Nuwer and Catherine Kieffer, who, like Joseph Voegele, were born in Soufflenheim and came to the United States in the same year as Joseph, 1843.


Christian Study

Read Christian Study's Explanation of the Destruction of Soufflenheim Church Records

Christian Study descends from a branch of the Voegele family that remained in Alsace, after my ancestors emigrated to the United States. Christian lives in the town of Leymen, in the south of Alsace near the Swiss border. Other members of his family live in Soufflenheim, where they are potters.

Christian discovered my website and contacted me by e-mail in December, 2000. Part of his family tree can be found on this website and another part can be found on another website:


Christian is my fifth cousin. Our common ancestor is Joseph Voegele (1759-1832). Joseph was married twice, first to Margaretha Götz and second to Maria Anna Uhry. Margaretha Götz is my great-great-great-great-grandmother and Maria Anna Uhry is the great-great-great-great-grandmother of Christian.

This is Christian's lineage:


Bernice Schene, Ray Voegele, Tony Voegele, Deborah Petska, and Brian Voegele

All of these people belong to a branch of the Voegele family that emigrated from Soufflenheim, Alsace, and settled in and near Indiana. The "Indiana Voegeles" are a much larger group than my "New York Voegeles." In the late 1970's, Bernice Schene compiled an extensive genealogy of this family, including its roots in Soufflenheim, and circulated it widely among her cousins. Bernice's genealogy seems to have stimulated an interest in family history within this clan.

The lineage of this family begins with Andreas (Andrew) Vögele, who was mayor of Soufflenheim in the 1750's. Andreas is my own direct ancestor, my "great x 6"-grandfather. Antonius (Anthony) Vögele, son of Andreas, was the brother of my ancestor Joannes (Jean, John) Voegele, and it is from that point that the line of the "Indiana Voegeles" separates from the line of the "New York" Voegeles. Here is the lineage of this family through the first generation born in the United States:

Here are some members of this family who have contacted us:

Bernice Schene of Pensacola, Florida, wrote to my mother in 1978. Mom had written to a genealogy publication in 1968, expressing her interest in the surname Voegele. That is how Bernice found her. Bernice's mother was a Voegele. This is her lineage, beginning with Anthony Voegele III (1853-1940):

Bernice is my mother's sixth cousin. She passed away in 1992.

In December, 2000, Ray Voegele of Cincinnati, Ohio, contacted me by e-mail. Ray's father was Bernice's cousin. This is Ray's lineage:

Also in December, 2000, Anthony Louis Voegele, Jr., (Tony) wrote to me by e-mail. Tony and Ray are second cousins. This is Tony's lineage:

In February, 2001, Deborah Ann Poppert Petska of Burtonsville, Maryland, wrote to me by e-mail. Deborah is a fourth cousin to Ray and Tony. This is Deborah's lineage:

Ray, Tony, and Deborah are all seventh cousins of mine.

In February, 2003, Brian Voegele of West Chester, Ohio, sent an e-mail message. Brian and Ray are first cousins. Brian has an antique business. His collection includes vintage bottles from the Voegele Brothers Bottling Company, the beverage company founded by my great-grandfather Joseph Voegele. He has also collected items from the Voegele & Dinning Co. in Mansfield, Ohio, which made candies, peanuts, tobacco products, etc., and which might (or might not) have been founded by a distant relative. (Photo.)

Other members of this family have written to me:

Grace W. Gathman

Grace Gathman of Wheaton, Illinois, is descended from the Halter family of Soufflenheim. I do not yet know of a familial relationship between the Halters and my ancestors. I have added Grace to this page because Martin and Richarde Halter and their family came to America on the same ship that brought my ancestors, Joseph and Catherine Voegele and family. The ship's name was Exchange, and it sailed in 1847.

This is Grace's lineage:

Didier Ott

Didier Ott of Le Chesnay, Yvelines, Ile de France, France, has a very extensive on-line genealogy at http://ott.fr. Many of his ancestors are from Alsace, and his genealogy and mine have many surnames in common, including Ott, Voegele, Meder, Staebell, Schneider, and Klein. I have often visited is website in search of clues about my ancestors. It is possible that Didier and I are related in several ways, but at this point only one relationship is known. Didier wrote to me by e-mail in June, 2002, to point out this relationship, which occurs in my Voegele line.

Didier is a descendant of Jacques Forgeron Pfohl and his wife Anna, who lived in Surbourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, in the 1600's. Didier tells me that my Voegele ancestors are also descended from Jacques and Anna Pfohl. This is Dider's lineage from them:

This is the lineage that Didier has provided from Jacques and Anna Pfohl to my Voegele ancestors:

Didier is my mother's ninth cousin.


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