Niagara Falls, NY - Names from Microfilm Records
Compiled by Brian J. Smith - August-December, 2001

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On this page, microfilm numbers and film numbers refer to FHL catalog numbers. For more information, see Family History Library (FHL).

This page lists names found in the Niagara Falls microfilm records. My search of these microfilm reels is neither complete nor thorough. I searched only for the names that appear in my family history, and in particular the name Mesker. I performed this research in the last five months of 2001.

Film 1324471 - Church records, 1859-1921 - Catholic Church, Sacred Heart

Item 1 - Baptisms, 08-Oct-1865 to 21-Jun-1896

In the baptism records:

Item 2 - Baptisms, 25-Jun-1896 to 24-Oct-1909

In the baptism records:

Item 3 - Confirmations, 1897 to 1916

When I was a boy, the custom for confirmations was that the person would take a new name, different from their birth name. I do not know the custom was followed 100 years ago. However, I do note that many of the people below show middle names that are different from their known middle names. So perhaps the "middle names" shown below are actually their special confirmation names.

Item 4 - Marriages, 06-Nov-1859 to Jun-1896

There are a few baptisms in the beginning pages of this item.


Item 5 - Marriages, 17-Aug-1896 to 30-Apr-1918

In the marriage records:

Item 6 - Deaths, 04-Aug-1897 to 13-Feb-1922

The date shown is "die obitus," the date of death.


Film 1324472 - Church records, 1851-1917 - Catholic Church, St. Mary of the Cataract

Item 1 - Baptism Index, 1851-1871

Item 2 - Baptism Index, 1872-1909

Item 3 - Baptisms, volume 1: 08-Jun-1851 to 05-Aug-1871

Observed but did not record people with this surname in the period 1867-1871: Rutledge. No ancestors found in this period.

Item 4 - Baptisms, volume 2: 05-May-1872 to 17-May-1908

Observed but did not record people with these surnames: Rutledge, Conroy, Metzger.

Item 5 - Confirmations, 1861-1917

Item 6 - Marriages, 1851-1908

I looked for the marriage of any Mesker and Laborn between 1860 and 1869, but was not able to find any.

Item 7 - Deaths, 05-Dec-1860 to 01-Jul-1891

I did not find any ancestors in this item.


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