Boarding List for the Sailing Ship Rudolph
Departing from Hamburg, 15-Sep-1857

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Source: LDS Family History Library microfilm # 0470839: "Hamburg Passenger List, 1857 Feb - 1857 Dec, Direct List."

This microfilm record contains the passenger list for the sailing ship Rudolph, which departed Hamburg on 15-Sep-1857. Refer to the article, "The Rudolph Poison Ship."

The passenger list of this voyage occupies eight pages. At the bottom of the fifth page are these entries:

Place of Birth
Carl Labron Malow Meichlburg
Sophie "
Mearie "
Elise "
Sophie "
(unreadable name)

This is the family of Carl and Sophia Laborn, my great-great-great-grandparents.

The image is very hard to read, with the edges of the page obscured in shadow. I have guessed at the column headings, which are in German. I have added possible English translations in the top row.

The word "Malow" brackets the six names. The word "Muchlburg" brackets most of the names on the page. Gunter Bobzin, an e-mail correspondent who came across this web page and was good enough to offer his assistance, that this might refer to Marlow in Mecklenburg, a location not far from the Laborn's home town. Gunter also assisted with translating some of the passenger list column headings. (Thank you, Gunter!)

The correct name of the family is "Laborn," but here it appears to be "Labron." The names of the children were Mary, Elizabeth, Sophie, and Fredericka. According to the "poison ship" article, Fredericka was ten years old at the time of the voyage. We calculate that these are the birth years for the family members:

These WESTPHAL and HAGEMANN families also appear on the Rudolph passenger list.:

The names WESTFALL and HAGAMAN appear in the article, and WESTPHAL and HAGEMANN appear in the church records of Golberg. However, these two particular families do not appear in the Goldberg records.

See an image of the original document.

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