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The History of the Nuwers
By Estella Nuwer Minderler, 1974

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This family history was compiled by Estella Nuwer Minderler of East Aurora, New York. It is a typewritten manuscript dated December 8, 1974. My Uncle Jim received a copy of it from a Mrs. B. A. Smith (no relation) of Austin, Texas. Uncle Jim forwarded it to my mother, who has given it to me.

The 33-page document begins with Christine, Francis X, and John Nuwer, the children of Anthony Nuwer and Margarete Ludwig. These three children were born in Soufflenheim, Alsace, France in the 1820's. As adults, they immigrated to America in 1843 and settled in the Lancaster area.

The document proceeds to list about one hundred descendants of these three siblings.

Some of the pages from this family history have been placed on the internet at by Kristen D. Nuwer. As of Dec-2003, this web page was no longer available.

I am not closely related to the Nuwer family. My two closest ties to them are:

In spite of these rather weak family ties to the Nuwer family, I am nevertheless interested in them because they come from Soufflenheim, the same village that my Voegele ancestors came from, and they came to America in the 1840's and settled in Lancaster, New York, just like the Voegeles did.

Estella Nuwer Minderler was the daughter of Jacob Nuwer (1868-1936), the son of Francis Xavier Nuwer (1823-1888) and Ann Catherine Bach. Estella was born on born on March 3, 1903. According to an internet genealogy by Rev. Joseph Mack at, Estella Nuwer Minderler passed away on June 2, 1994.

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