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The purpose of this page is to identify residents of the village of Soufflenheim who emigrated from there to the United States or Canada.

Contributed Names

The names in this list come from various researchers and from my own findings.

The legend explains how to interpret each column in the table.

If you have ancestors who emigrated from Soufflenheim, I hope you will contribute them to this list. Please contact me (Brian Smith).

Given Name
ARBOGAST Ignatius     28-Jul-1788 ca. 1828   Pennsylvania Website 29  
BECK Joseph             Bowman    
  Maria Anna Werner Wife            "    
  Ignatius   Son       Waterloo Ont    "    
BEITZ Laurent     1781?     Waterloo Ont Strickler 41, 50  
  Catharina Schiestel Wife 1791?        "    " 50  
BILDSTEIN Michael             Bowman 49  
  Maria Anna Halter Wife            "    
  Jacob   Son       Waterloo Ont    "    
BILDSTEIN Jacob     1815 or 1816     Bruce Ont Hauser 38  
BITSCHY Erasmus       1838 Havre Waterloo Ont Bowman    
  Rosalie Wilhelm Wife   1848 Bavaria Waterloo Ont    "    
BITSCHY Jacob     1820 1848 Bavaria Waterloo Ont Brock 48  
  Magdelaine Wilhelm Wife 1821 1848 Bavaria Waterloo Ont    "    
BITSCHY Michael       1835 France Waterloo Ont Bowman    
  Catharine Franck Wife      "    "    "    "    
  Adelheid   Dau ca. 1808    "    "    "    "    
  Anastasia   Dau 07-Jan-1811    "    "    "    "    
  Magdalena   Dau      "    "    "    "    
BITSCHY John     29-Sep-1825     Waterloo Ont Website 29  
BOEHLER Valentine           St. Agatha Ont Bowman 10  
  Joseph   Bro 12-Mar-1809        "    " 10  
BRENNER Jacques     02-Oct-1806 ca. 1838   Waterloo Ont Website 24  
  Marie Ursule Martin Wife Jan-1809    "      "    "    
  Madelaine   Dau 27-May-1833    "      "    "    
  Eve   Dau 01-Mar-1835    "      "    "    
  Jacques   Son 15-Apr-1836    "      "    "    
  Louis   Son 18-Apr-1838    "      "    "    
BURGER Peter     1830 or 1831     Bruce Ont Hauser 38  
BURGER Joseph     1862     Bruce Ont Hauser 38  
BURGER Anton     20-Oct-1845 ca. 1871   Missouri Website 23  
DRESCHLER Sebastian     1838?     Waterloo Ont Strickler    
ERNEWEIN Joseph       1839 or 1840   Waterloo Ont Hauser    
  Catherine Ott Wife      "      "    "    
  Sebastien   Son 18-Feb-1835    "      "    "    
  Modes(?)   Bro?      "      "    "    
FAHRER Anthony     Oct-1842     Bruce Ont Hauser 38  
FRANK Augustin     ca. 1808 1835 France   Smith    
  Regina   Wife ca. 1806    "    " Waterloo Ont Bowman 3  
  Philip   Son ca. 1828    "    "   Smith    
  Marianna   Dau 1835    "    "      "    
FRANK Joseph               49  
  Anna Maria Schwartz Wife ca. 1780     Waterloo Ont Bowman    
  Augustine   Son ca. 1807        "    "    
  Ludovicus   Son          "    "    
FRIEDMANN Ignatius     1839?     Waterloo Ont Strickler    
GOETZ Ignace     12-Apr-1832 ca.1850   New Hamburg, Missouri Clark 51  
GOETZ Jean Chrisostome     23-Jun-1837 1881   New Hamburg, Missouri Clark 51  
  Caroline Burger        "      "    "    
GOETZ Jean Michel    

or 1826

1855 Olivia Bruce Ont Bowman, Miller 4, 49  
  Adelaide Ruff Wife 1804 or 1813 1855 Olivia    "    "    
  Josephine   Dau 17-Mar-1827     Waterloo Ont    "    
  John   Son 14-Aug-1829     Bruce Ont    " 38  
  Martin   Son 30-Oct-1833     Waterloo Ont?    "    
  Rose   Dau 05-Aug-1835 1855 Olivia Buffalo? Miller    
  Marie Anne   Dau 24-Jul-1840 1855 Olivia Bruce Ont, Michigan    " 34  
  Philippine   Dau 29-Apr-1842 1855 Olivia Bruce Ont    "    
  Adelaide   Dau 08-Sep-1844 1855 Olivia      "    
GOETZ Lawrence     ca. 1817     Waterloo Ont Bowman 4  
HAAS Maria Antonia           Waterloo Ont Bowman 9  
HAAS Barbara           Ohio Website 27  
HAASER Joseph     19-Mar-1817 1854 Silas Greenman Shaler Twp., Allegheny Co., PA Todd Farmerie    
  Caroline Gress Wife 22-Dec-1830    "    "    "    "    
HALTER Martin     28-Nov-1796 1847 Exchange Erie NY Smith    
  Richarde Schmuck Wife 10-Feb-1799    "    "    "    "    
  Antoine   Son 06-Jul-1825    "    "    "    "    
  Marie Eve   Dau 25-Dec-1827    "    "    "    "    
  Martin   Son 11-May-1830    "    "    "    "    
  Auguste   Son 18-Sep-1835    "    "    "    "    
  Louis   Son 08-Aug-1839    "    "    "    "    
HALTER Alexis or Adam           Waterloo Ont Strickler 42, 43  
  Carolina Haas Wife          "    "    
HERTEL Michael           Waterloo Ont Bowman    
  Barbara Haupt Wife 14-Dec-1792        "    "    
  Maria Anna   Dau 19-Aug-1829        "    "    
HOEHN Andre       1853-54?   Indiana Gillmore 45, 49  
  Caroline Vogel Wife      "      "    " 45  
  Antoine   Bro      "      "    " 45, 49  
  Blaise   Bro      "      "    " 45, 49  
HUMMEL Joseph     23-May-1781 before 1838   Waterloo Ont Bowman, Strickler 8  
  Rosina Schoefter Wife 04-Feb-1783    "      "    " 8  
  Crescentia   Dau 1812    "      " Strickler 8  
  Thomas   Son 10-Dec-1813    "      " Bowman, Strickler 8  
  Joseph   Son 1819    "      "    " 8  
  Martin   Son 1821    "      "    " 8  
JAECK Joseph           Waterloo Ont Robblee    
  Josephine Mockers Wife          "    "    
  Edmond   Bro 1815        "    "    
  Catherine   Sis          "    "    
KELLOFNER Francisca     1817?     Waterloo Ont Strickler    
KIEFFER Francois Antoine     1777 1830 or 31   Erie NY Goldman 36  
  Catherine Burger Wife 01-Jan-1790    "      "    " 36  
  Celestine   Dau 1812    "      "    "    
  Josephine   Dau 1816    "      "    "    
  Catherine   Dau 1818    "      "    "    
  Marie Barbara   Dau 1820    "      "    "    
  Peter   Son 1824    "      "    "    
  Marie Anna   Dau 1827    "      "    "    
  Philippe   Son 1830    "      "    "    
KIEFFER Joseph     1783 1832 Erie Erie NY Goldman 36  
  Richarde Burger Wife 10-Jun-1789    "    "    "    " 36  
  Josephine   Dau 1812    "    "    "    "    
  Primus   Son 1815    "    "    "    "    
  Paule   Dau 1819    "    "    "    "    
  Catherine   Dau 1821    "    "    "    "    
  Philippine   Dau 1824    "    "    "    "    
  Caroline   Dau 1827    "    "    "    "    
KIEFFER Francois Joseph     27-Jun-1786 1834?   Erie NY Wideen 39  
  Madelaine Schoeffter Wife ca.1790    "      "    "    
  Marie Theresa   Dau 05-Oct-1829    "      "    "    
KIEFFER Jean     17-Apr-1784 1843 Oneida Erie NY Goldman 1  
  Barbara Voegele Wife 09-Oct-1784    "    "    "    "    
  Alexander   Son 27-Apr-1815    "    "    "    "    
KIEFFER Laurent     02-Jun-1812 1843 Oneida Erie NY Goldman 1  
  Catherina Schmuck Wife 1819    "    "    "    "    
LEHMAN Iganatz     11-May-1821     Waterloo Ont Bowman 11  
LEHMAN Maria Anna Zinger   1796 1844 Argo Waterloo Ont Bowman, Paul 40  
  Sebastian   Son 19-Jan-1833    "    "    "    " 12, 40  
MARTIN Celestine     07-Apr-1804 ca.1860   Waterloo Ont Pitt 46  
  Katharine Elisabeth Kieffer Wife 13-Nov-1811            
  Katrina   Dau 22-May-1835            
  Marina   Dau 07-Nov-1838            
  Magdalene   Dau 14-Jul-1842            
  Caroline   Dau 25-May-1845            
  Josephine   Dau 20-Jun-1849            
  Valentine   Son 12-Mar-1850            
  Joseph   Son 13-Jan-1861            
  Valentine   Son 15-Nov-1853            
  Anton   Son 15-Feb-1854            
MARY Bernard     20-Aug-1823 1850's   Pennsylvania Hlavac 31  
  Catherine Zinger Wife 22-Nov-1827    "      "    " 31  
  Catherine   Sis 10-May-1827    "      "    " 31  
  Madelaine   Sis 06-Jul-1820        "    " 31  
MESSNER Jacob     16-Apr-1820 1851 Mamouth Erie NY Website 30  
  Marie Ann Bauer Wife 16-May-1817    "    "    "    " 30  
  Clementine   Dau Mar-1851    "    "    "    " 30  
  Mary Burger Mother 1787    "    "    "    " 30  
MESSNER Michel       ca. 1830   Erie NY Barthélemy    
  Antoine   Bro      "      "    "    
MESSNER Vincent     22-Jan-1804 ca. 1839   Erie NY Barthélemy,
32, 49  
  Marie Anne Rund Wife 15-May-1802    "      " Hansson 32  
  Barbara   Dau 04-Dec-1834    "      "    " 32  
  Marie Ann   Dau 10-Dec-1835    "      "    " 32, 33  
  Josephine   Dau 03-Mar-1838    "      "    " 32  
MESSNER Alois     1825     Bruce, Ont. Website 29  
MESSNER Alois       ca. 1857   Ontario Barthélemy    
  Antoine   Bro      "      "    "    
MESSNER Leon     1866 ca. 1890   Ontario Barthélemy 17  
  Jean   Bro      "      "    " 17  
  Catherine   Sis      "      "    " 17  
MESSNER Theresa           Pennsylvania Website 26  
MISSERE George     1827?     Waterloo Ont Strickler 44  
MOSACK Michael     12-May-1802 1831   Waterloo Ont Bowman, Vizniowski, Hauser 16  
  Elizabeth Uhrich Wife 15-Nov-1804    "      "    " 15, 16  
NUWER Antoine     27-Jul-1796 1844 Argo Erie NY Minderler 2  
  Marguerite Ludwig Wife 03-Dec-1795    " Argo    "    " 2  
  Francis X.   Son 07-Dec-1823    " Argo    " Minderler    
  Celestine   Dau 27-Mar-1829    " Argo    "    "    
NUWER John     28-Dec-1819 1843 Oneida Erie NY Smith, Minderler 2  
  Catherine Kieffer Wife 10-Oct-1819    "    "    " Smith 1  
PHILIPS Sebastian     ca. 1799 1835 France Waterloo Ont Bowman 3  
PIAT Joseph     1800     Wayne NY Website 29  
  Richarde Schoeffter Wife 1795        "    " 29  
  Marie Ann   Dau 1835        "    " 29  
ROTH Lorentz     08-Aug-1790     Waterloo Ont Bowman    
  Maria Thoman Wife 22-Sep-1790        "    "    
  Anselm   Son          "    "    
  Wendel   Son          "    "    
  Lorentz   Son 18-Nov-1837        "    "    
ROYER Michel     05-Oct-1834 1852   Kansas Website 22  
  Balthazar   Cous 23-Sep-1833?    "      "    " 22  
  Francois   Bro   after 1852      "    " 22  
SCHALL Laurent     22-Jul-1816? 1844 Argo Waterloo Ont Paul 35  
  Genevieve Lehmann Wife 17-Feb-1817    "    "    "    " 35  
  Catherine   Dau      "    "    "    " 35  
SCHLOSSER Matthias       1847 Exchange Waterloo Ont Bowman 49  
  Euphemia Zinger Wife 14-Apr-1812    "    "    " Bowman, Hauser 18  
  Caroline   Dau 1835    "    "   Strickler    
  Therese   Dau 1837    "    "      "    
  Michel   Son 1840    "    "      "    
  Jean Chrisostome   Son 1843    "    "      "    
  Louis   Son 1844    "    "      "    
  Julius   Son 1846    "    "      "    
SCHMUCK Bernhardt     09-Jul-1832 1851 Caroline & Mary Clarke Erie NY Hansson 33  
  Theresa   Sis      "    "      "    
  Francis Xavier   Bro      "    "      "    
SCHOEFFTER Leander     28-Feb-1812 1843 Catherine Waterloo Ont Vizniowski 49  
  Stephanie Uhrich Wife 31-Dec-1813    "    "    "    " 15  
  Joseph   Son 21-Mar-1835    "    "    "    "    
  Caroline   Dau 25-Nov-1836    "    "    "    "    
  Ludwig (Louis)   Son 17-Oct-1841    "    "    "    "    
SCHUTT John     26-Apr-1776     Waterloo Ont Bowman    
  Barbara Schoefter Wife 24-Feb-1791
       "    "    
  Magdalena   Dau ca. 1822        "    "    
  Ludovicum   Son          "    "    
  Rosina   Dau          "    "    
SCHUTT Katharine     1818     Waterloo Ont Website 28  
STRACK Peter           Clinton NY Venne 37  
  Catherine   Wife          "    " 37  
  Madeline   Dau Jun-1820        "    " 37  
  Peter   Son 1826        "    " 37  
STRACK Francis Xavier     01-Apr-1837     Missouri Website 29  
STRACK Jacque       1853 Tropic   Cooper 47  
  Regina   Sister   1853 Tropic      "    
STRACK Francis Xavier     31-Mar-1866     Oklahoma Website 29  
UHRICH Helene     17-May-1811 ca. 1838   Bruce Ont Vizniowski 15  
  Bernardia   Sis 21-May-1816 ca. 1842      "    " 15  
  John   Bro 28-Dec-1822    "   Waterloo Ont    " 15  
UHRICH Charles     02-Nov-1835 early 1850's   Bruce Ont Vizniowski 13, 15  
  Ferdinand   Bro 26-Feb-1838 1866 H.D.Brookman Bruce Ont Vizniowski 15  
  Ignace   Bro 04-Jun-1846 1860's or 1870's   Bruce Ont Vizniowski 15  
UHRICH Christian J.     25-Jan-1809 1866   South Dakota Website 29  
VITZIKAM Antoine     24-Aug-1834 ca. 1879   Nebraska Website 20  
  Sophie Ehrler Wife 10-May-1837    "      "    " 20  
  Marie Ann   Dau 03-Jan-1865    "      "    " 20  
  Caroline   Dau 26-Apr-1867    "      "    " 20  
  Josephine   Dau 1870    "      "    " 20  
  Philip   Son 14-Aug-1872    "      "    " 20  
VOEGELE Antoine     27-Dec-1794 ca. 1853   Phil PA R.Voegele 6  
  Madelaine   Dau 06-May-1818    "          
  Antoine   Son 14-Feb-1825    "   Morris IN R.Voegele    
  Francis X.   Son 10-May-1827    "          
  Marie Anna   Dau 27-Dec-1828    "   Phil PA Estell 21  
  Marie Magdelaine   Dau 08-Apr-1831    "          
  Catherine   Dau 11-Oct-1835    "          
  Elianore   Dau 19-Feb-1839    "          
VOEGELE Joseph     14-Jul-1790 1847 Exchange Erie NY Smith    
  Catherine Miller Wife 11-Apr-1799    "    "    "    "    
  Joseph   Son 23-Feb-1823    "    "    "    "    
  Henry   Son 14-Jul-1827    "    "    "    "    
  Francis X.   Son 06-Aug-1830    "    "    "    "    
  John   Son 06-Jun-1834    "    "    "    "    
  Madelaine   Dau 15-Jul-1836    "    "    "    "    
  Marie Anne   Dau 24-Apr-1838    "    "    "    "    
  Margueritha   Dau 01-Jul-1841    "    "    "    "    
VONHATTAN Andreas           Waterloo Ont Bowman 49  
  Maria Messner Wife          "    "    
  Magdalena   Dau          "    "    
VONHATTAN Martin           Erie NY Bowman 5  
  Maria Anna Schoefter Wife          "    " 5  
WAGNER Anselm     Mar-1804     Waterloo Ont Website 25  
  Magdalena   Wife Mar-1817        "    "    
ZETTWUCH August       ca.1852   Trenton NJ Cooper    
  Amalia Strack Wife   1853 Tropic    "    " 47  
  Regina   Dau 1845    "    "    "    "    
  Michael   Son 1848    "    "    "    "    
  Louisa   Dau 1853    "    "    "    "    
  Carolina   Dau 1835 ca.1852    "    "    "    
ZINGER Joseph     1784 1847 Exchange Waterloo Ont Hauser 18, 49  
  Catharina Schoefter Wife 1785    "    "    "    " 18  
  John   Son 1826    "    "    "    "    
  Joseph   Son 1823        "    "    
ZINGER Aloisius     21-Jun-1813 1835 France Waterloo Ont Bowman, Msg.Board 7, 14  
ZINGER Chrysostimus     26-Jan-1809 before 1840   Waterloo Ont Msg.Board, Strickler 14, 19, 49  
  Johanna Zettwuch Wife 19-Dec-1807    "      " Strickler, Hauser 19  


The columns in this table are:

  1. Surname -- The surname (last name) of the person or family.
  2. Given Name -- The given name (first name) of the person.
  3. nee -- The maiden name of a married woman.
  4. Rel. -- Relation of the person to the first person listed in the family group:
  5. Birth -- Birth date. Unless otherwise noted, the person was born in Soufflenheim.
  6. Emig. -- Year of emigration
  7. Ship -- Name of the immigration ship. Unless otherwise noted, the ship name and year of emigration are from the web page "Ship Passenger Lists: Immigrants from Alsace to America, 1820-1850"
  8. Destination -- The location in Canada or the United States where the person settled:
  9. Source -- The researcher who contributed this information:
  10. Notes -- A link to a footnote. Footnotes appear at the bottom of the table.


1. Laurent Kieffer and Catherine Kieffer Nuwer are son and daughter of Jean Kieffer.

2. John Nuwer is the son of Antoine Nuwer and Marguerite Ludwig Nuwer.

3. Sebastian Philips married Regina Franck and they began having children in Waterloo County in 1839. I have assumed that these are the same Bastian Phillips and Regina Frank (wife of Augustin Frank) on board the ship France.

4. Jean Michael Goetz and Lawrence Goetz are brothers, born in Soufflenheim, the sons of Michael Goetz and Maria Doppler.

5. According to Chris Bowman, Martin Vonhattan was born in Bishwiller. Maria Anna Schoefter was born in Soufflenheim. They were married 10-Oct-1830 in Buffalo, New York.

6. Regarding the family of Anthony (Antoine) Voegele, who was born in Soufflenheim in 1794 and died in Philadelphia in 1854. According to Ray Voegele, Anthony's wife Maria Anna Schmuck died in Soufflenheim in about 1852. After that, the family emigrated to the United States. Although we have post-emigration information only about Anthony Sr., Anthony Jr., and Maria Anna, I have included all of Anthony Sr.'s surviving children in this list, making the assumption that they all emigrated.

7. More from Chris Bowman about Aloisius Zinger: He married Maria Linsner. Their first child born in Waterloo County, Ontario, was Carolina Zinger, born 17-May-1843.

8. More from Chris Bowman: Joseph Hummel and Rosina Schoefter married 10-May-1811 in Soufflenheim. More from Diane Strickler: The family of Joseph Hummel and Rosina Schoefter appear in the 1837 in Gore census in Waterloo County. Diane is a direct descendant of the younger Joseph Hummel.

9. More from Chris Bowman about Maria Antonia Haas: She is the daughter of Anthony Haas and Barbara Ernewein, who married 02-Jan-1812 in Soufflenheim. Maria Antonia Haas married Joseph Bengesser 07-Nov-1843 in Waterloo County.

10. More from Chris Bowman about Valentine and Joseph Boehler: They were the sons of Michael Boehler and Barbara Zinger who married 27-May-1807 in Soufflenheim.

11. More from Chris Bowman about Ignatz Lehman: He was the son of Joseph Lehman and Maria Muller who married 21-Feb-1811 in Soufflenheim. He married Catharine Kuhns in Wilmot, Ontario, on 07-Nov-1847.

12. More from Chris Bowman about Sebastian Lehman: He married Catharine Brick 15-Jan-1856 in St. Agatha, Ontario, Canada.

13. Wayne Vizniowski is the source of the ship information: H.D.Brookman, Havre to New York, arrived 07-Jun-1866. More from Wayne Vizniowski's genealogy web page about Charles Uhrich, and from correspondence from Wayne: Charles UHRICH, born 2 Nov 1835 in Soufflenheim; died 18 Dec 1916 in Formosa, Carrick, Bruce, Ontario. He married on 24 Jun 1862 in St Louis Church, Buffalo, Erie, New York to Catharina SCHMITT. Catharina SCHMITT, born 20 Dec 1839 in Weinolsheim, Germany; died 24 Apr 1930 in Walkerton, Brant, Bruce, Ontario. Parents of Charles Uhrich are Joseph Vincent UHRICH (1809-?) and Madelaine Halter (1811-1863), both of whom were born and died in Soufflenheim.

14. Aloisius Zinger and Chrysostimus Zinger are brothers. A series of messages on the Zinger surname message board, between Gerard (Gerry) Zinger and Kara Zinger, beginning 21-Dec-2000, provides this additional information: Alois (Louis) de Gonzage Zinger, born 21-Jun-1813, and Chrysostimus Zinger, born 26-Jan-1809, are the sons of Jean Zinger and Marguerite Haaser of Soufflenheim. Chrysostimus married Johanna Zettwuch 21-Nov-1827 in Soufflenheim and died 1897 in Waterloo County. Thank you to Phil Hauser for pointing out these messages to me.

According to Rosa Raiman's Soufflenheim Marriage Index, Christome Zinger married Jeanne Zettwuch on 17-Nov-1837.

15. Stephanie Uhrich Schoeffter, Bernardia Uhrich, Elizabethe (Uhrich) Mosack, and Helen Uhrich are sisters of John Uhrich. Charles, Ferdinand, and Ignace Uhrich are their nephews. The parents of Stephanie and the others are Johannes Michael Uhrich (1774-1834) and Marie Anna Gottgeb (1782-?), who lived and died in Soufflenheim. Charles, Ferdinand, and Ignace are the sons of Joseph Vincent Uhrich (1809-?) and Madelaine Halter (1811-1863), who lived and died in Soufflenheim. Joseph Vincent Uhrich is another brother of Stephanie Uhrich Schoeffter and the others.

16. Michael Mosack and Elizabeth Uhrich Mosack married in Soufflenheim on either 23-Jun-1830 (according to Rosa Raiman's Soufflenheim Marriage Index) or 13-Jun-1830 (according to Teresa Bard). Their first two children were born in Waterloo County: Michael Mosack, b. Feb-1832, and Margaret Mosack, b. 20-Oct-1833, according to Chris Bowman and Wayne Vizniowski. According to Phil Hauser, the 1842 registry of immigrants taking the oath of allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain and Ireland states that Michael Mosack's seven-year residency requirement in Canada expired in July 1838, indicating that Mosack arrived in Canada in 1831.

17. More from Marie-Odile Barthélemy: The parents of Leon, Jean, and Catherine were Wendelin Messner (1829-1896) and Marie Barbe Helmer (1838-1915).

18. Euphemia Zinger Schlosser is the daughter of Joseph Zinger and Catharina Schoeffter.

19. More from Diane Strickler: The first child of Chrysostimus Zinger and his wife Johanna Zettwuch was born in Waterloo County in 1839. Diane refers to Chrysostimus as "(John) Chrysostimus Zinger."

20. The information about Antoine Vitzikam and family is drawn from the web page, "The Fitzekam Family," at, and related pages on the same site. The author is Ernie Mort. The Vitzikam family settled in Nebraska City, Nebraska, and changed the spelling of their name to Fitzekam. Antoine Vitzikam is the son of Franz Antoine Vitzikam, born 04-Jan-1812 in Soufflenheim, and Euphreme Drexler, born 12-Apr-1812.

21. The information about Marie Anna Voegele is drawn from the web page, "The Jerry J. Estell Family Home Page," at, and related pages on the same site. The author is Jerry J. Estell of Corpus Christi, Texas. Marie Anna Voegele married Peter Christian Weber in Philadelphia and died 24-Aug-1901 in Philadelphia. Maria Anna Voegele and Peter Christian Weber are ancestors of William Robertson Poppert, Mr. Estell's son-in-law.

22. The information about the Royer family is drawn from the web page, "Royer - Tidbits 14," at The page contains a note from Michael Gordon Royer describing emigrants Michel, Balthazar, and Francois Royer. They arrived in New Orleans in 1852, settled first in St. Louis, Illinois, and then moved on to Kansas.

23. The information about Anton Burger is drawn from the web page, "Scott County, Missouri Queries,"at The page contains a note from John Maurath, posted 11-Jan-1998, describing emigrant Anton Burger. He married Theresa Haas, who was born in Metz, Alsace-Lorraine on 20-Dec-1846. Anton and Theresa Burger settled near Kelso, Scott County, Missouri. Anton died 12-Apr-1924, and Theresa died 23-Dec-1925. John Maurath wrote an e-mail to me in Sep-2002, and added that Anton Burger went to Canada first before moving on to Cape Girardeau and Scotty County, Missouri.

24. The information about Jacques Brenner is drawn from the web page, "The Schirrhein Connection - Surname Korner," by Audrey (Lehmann-Shields) Hancock, at The page contains a note from "" describing Jacques Brenner. He was born in Soufflenheim. All his children were born in nearby Schirrhein. The note does not say whether his wife was born in Schirrhein or Soufflenheim.

25. The information about Anselm Wagner is drawn from the web page, "Wagner family - genealogical information," at The author is Barry Hoch. The page does not state whether Anselm's wife Magdalena was born in Soufflenheim. The page lists nine children of this couple, but because their birthplace is not identified I have not transcribed them here.

26. I found a brief mention of Theresa Messner on the page "St Marys/Assumption Births (Pine Creek/Glenshaw, PA)" at The author is Norm Meinert. The mention is in this baptism record: "REGINA P. ARNOLD Born August 20, 1859. Daughter of Andrew from Silz, Rheno-Bavaria and Theresa Messner of Sufflenheim, France. Sponsors Michael and Regina Schobeny."

27. I found a brief mention of Barbara Haas on the page "Carabin and Bauer Families" at This page is part of the a site for Huron County, Ohio. The author of the page is Mary Carabin. The mention is in this paragraph: "Agatha (Burger) Schonacker, a widow, and her sons Matthias and Jacob immigrated to America from Hultehouse, Lorraine, France, in 1829-31 period. They settled in Peru Township. Matthias married Barbara Haas, a native of Sufflenheim, Alsace, France. They settled in Peru Township and later Bronson Township and became the parents of six children..."

28. I found a brief mention of Katharine Schutt on the page "LAUBER, Joseph 1784 - 1852, Schurheim, ELS,FRA > Waterloo, ONT, CAN" at The author is Ernest F. Mink III. The page lists Katharine Shutt as the wife of Michael Lauber (1815-1892). She died 26-Mar-1894.

29. Names found on the RootsWeb WorldConnect database at

30. Jacob Messner and family was found on the RootsWeb WorldConnect database at Contributed by J. Selinger (jselinge). Jacob died 03-May-1900 in Alden, New York. Jacob's wife Marie Ann Bauer died 1859 in Buffalo. Jacob's mother Mary Burger Messner died 1855 in Buffalo. Emigration for Jacob Messner: May 20, 1851, Jacob Messner, 3 seats for 3 adults and 1 nursing child. Ship-Mamouth. Captain Torrey from LeHarve to New York. No. 9021. I have assumed that the four passengers were Jacob, his wife, his mother, and his daughter Clementine.

31. More from Katie Hlavac: Bernard Mary died 18-Apr-1891 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Madelaine Mary married Mathias Rebholz and died 6-Aug-1896 in Pittsburgh. Catherine Zinger Mary died 09-Nov-1884 in Pittsburgh. The other Catherine Mary married Jacob Maier. Bernard Mary is the son of Francois Joseph Mary married Catherine Siegfried. Bernard Mary and Catherine Zinger married in Soufflenheim on 28-Apr-1852 and their first child was born in Pittsburgh on 16-Mar-1853, so their emigration took place between those two dates.

32. More from El-Jay Hansson: Marie Anne Rund Messner is the daughter of Michael Rund (of Buhl) and Margaritha Lehmann, who married 08-Jun-1791 in Soufflenheim. Vincent Messner and his family settled in the Black Rock district of Buffalo, New York. Vincent's wife Marie Anne died there in about 1856. In about 1857, Vincent, his daughter Marie Anne, Marie Anne's husband Bernhardt Schmuck, and a son of Vincent's, moved from Buffalo to Ariss, Waterloo County, Ontario.

33. More from El-Jay Hansson: Bernhardt Schmuck married Marie Ann Messner in about 1857, and then they moved from Buffalo to Ariss, Waterloo County, Ontario.

34. More from Cindy Miller: Marie Anne Goetz married Francis Schmitt 16-Apr-1861 in Formosa, Bruce County, Ontario. She died 14-Sep-1917 in Mecosta County, Michigan, and is buried at St. Michael's in Remus, Michigan. They are Cindy's great-great-grandparents.

35. More from Debbie Paul, who has a copy of the full passenger list for the ship Argo: Laurent (or Lorenz or Laurentius) Schall, born in Eberbach (Bas Rhin), died 03-Apr-1903 in Cummings Township, Ogemaw County, Michgan, son of Antoine Schall and Catherine Fuhrmann, also of Eberbach. Genevieve Lehmann, wife of Laurent Schall, born in Soufflenheim, died 14-Dec-1903 in Cummings Township, Ogemaw County, Michgan, daughter of Joseph (F.?) Lehmann and Marie Anne Zinger. Genevieve's mother, Marie Anne Zinger Lehmann, immigrated with her on the Argo in 1844. In the 1851 Ontario census, the Schall family appears in the Waterloo Township, district #2. Their neighbors include the family of John (age 29) and Philephina Lehman, with four children and mother Mary Lehman (age 63). Most of the Schall family eventually settled in or near Formosa, Bruce County, Culross Township. Later some emigrated to Michigan, Ohio, and New York.

36. More from Lynda Goldman: Francois Antoine Kieffer and Joseph Kieffer are brothers. Their wives, Catherine Burger and Richarde Burger, are not sisters. Catherine Burger Kieffer died 22-Feb-1865 in Elba, Minnesota. She is Lynda's great-great-great-grandmother.

37. More from Jane Venne: Peter Strack and his wife Catherine emigrated between 1826 and before 1828. Their third child, Philip, was born in Vermont in 1828. The family settled in Redford, Clinton County, New York.

38. From the records of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Formosa. Research by Phil Hauser:

39. More from Robert Wideen: The Kieffer family settled in Eden, Erie County, New York. Marie Theresa Kieffer's married name was Harter. Francois Joseph Kieffer and Madelaine Schoeffter Kieffer had three surviving children: Charles (born 1815), Caroline (born 30-Apr-1821), and Marie Theresa. Charles and Caroline might also have emigrated with their parents.

40. From the research of Debbie Paul: Marie Anne Zinger is the widow of Joseph Lehmann, who died 30-Sep-1826 in Soufflenheim. Sebastian Lehmann, born 19-Jan-1833, is the illigitimate son of Marie Anne Zinger, widow of the deceased Joseph Lehmann. On the 1844 passenger list of the ship Argo, Marie Anne and Sebastian used the surname Zinger instead of Lehmann. Genevieve Lehmann Schall is the daughter of Marie Anne Zinger Lehmann.

41. More from Diane Strickler: Children of Laurent Beitz and Catharina Schiestel: Laverne, Anna, Anton Carl, Catharina, Jacob. The family immigrated before 1837.

42. More from Diane Strickler: Sometimes Alexis is listed as "Adam." Children of Alexis Halter and Carolina Haas: Edward, Maria Anna.

43. Alexis Halter and Carolina Haas match the family of Alexis Halter and Charlotte Haas found in the Families from Soufflenheim Microfilm. Their children: Marie Anne, b. 18-Sep-1837; Therese, b. 06-Sep-1839; Josephine, b. 04-Sep-1840; Elisabethe, b. 23-Dec-1841.

44. More from Diane Strickler: George Missere is the son of Ambrose and Magdalena Missere.

45. More from Kathleen Gillmore: Andre Hoehn and his two brothers settled in Indiana near Jeffersonville and Evansville. Their ship (name unknown) traveled from Le Havre to New York. Two other brothers of Andre Hoehn, Michel and Joseph, remained in Soufflenheim.

46. More from Suzanne Senn Pitt: Emigration date unknown. Sometime between 1850 and 1870. The Martin family settled in Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario. The eldest daughter, Katrina Martin, is Suzanne's great-great-grandmother. She married Maximilian Schuster.

47. More from Kelly Vogel Cooper: Regina Strack and Amalia Strack Zettwuch are the sisters of Jacque Strack; all three immigrated on the Tropic in 1853.

48. More from Joan Brock: Magdelaine Wilhelm, born 1821 in Runsenheim, Alsace, married Jacob Bitschy, born 1820 in Souffleheim. They married in St. Louis Catholic Church in Buffalo on February 5, 1848, and settled in Kossuth, Ontario, on a farm. They are Joan's great-grandparents.

49. From the 1836 census of Soufflenheim in Canton Bischwiller:

50. More from Lorraine Beitz: Laurentz Beitz and Catherine Schiestel were married in Kindwiller on 28-Sep-1816. Therefore, this couple were not Soufflenheim emigrants.

51. More from Shiree Clark: Ignace Goetz and Jean Chrisostome Goetz are brothers.


The Alsace Emigration Book

This list of Soufflenheim emigrants comes from The Alsace Emigration Book, volumes 1 and 2, compiled by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler (Clossen Press, 1989 and 1991).

Name Born Emigrated
BITSCHI, Michel + wife + 6 children   1828
BURGER, Jean   1838
BURGER, Ignace + wife + 8 children   1828
DAUL, Andre, Ignace, Ignace Sr, Xavier   1828
ERNEWEIN, Bruno   1838
ERNEWEIN, Ignace + wife + 2 children   1838
FILLIPS, Sebastien + wife + 2 children   1838
GOTZ, Laurent   1828
GOTZ, Matthew   Mar-1838
GOTZ, Michel + wife + 6 children   Mar-1838
HABERKORN, Michel + wife + 2 children   1828
HALM, Joseph   1828
HALM, Jean + wife + 4 children   1828
HASER, Andre   Mar-1838
HELMER, Joseph   Mar-1838
HELMER, Michel   Mar-1838
HOHN, Antoine   Mar-1838
HORTH, Jacques   Mar-1838
HUMEL, Joseph + wife + 5 children   Mar-1838
   ... more to come ...    


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