Bühl - Names and Families

Compiled by Brian J. Smith

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Bühl is a village in Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France.


BALL-SCHAUB - Joseph BALL and Catherine SCHAUB, 1831

FUSZ-BERGERIN - Francois Joseph FUSZ and Catherine BERGERIN, ca.1820

GEIGER-GERHARD - Jean Henry GEIGER (or GEYER) and Eve Marguerite GERHARD, 1816

HÖH-CLAUSS - Jean HÖH and Catherine CLAUSS, 1837

MATTERN-LANG - Henry MATTERN and Madeleine GERHARD, 1811

MAYER-HÖH - Francois Joseph MAYER and Marie Eve HÖH, 1840

ROEHRIG-GERLING - Jean Georges ROEHRIG and Marie Eve GERLING, 1817

WALTER-WALTER - Henry WALTER and Barbe WALTER, ca.1800


Civil Records, from the Bas-Rhin Online Records





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