Signature Collection

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While gathering reference material for this genealogy, I thought it would be fun to collect signatures of ancestors from old documents. Seeing words written by their own hand makes these people seem somehow more alive.

I have been clipping the signatures out of scanned images of documents such as marriage records. Here is what I have collected so far:


Francois Staebell (1730-1814), 1767, from his son Joseph's baptism record.

Antoine Müller, 1799, from his daughter Catharina's birth record.

Catharina Müller Voegele, 1821, from her marriage record.

Joseph Vögele (1759-1832), 1821, from the marriage record of his son Joseph.

Joseph Voegele (1788-1868), 1821, from his marriage record.

Maria Anna Wild Müller, 1799, from from her daughter Catharina's birth record.
The "X" suggests that Maria Anna could not sign her own name, that she drew the X and someone else wrote her name on her behalf.


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