Soufflenheim - Parish Census, 1761
Compiled by Brian J. Smith

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In the Baptism Ledger of the Parish of St. Michael's Catholic Church in Soufflenheim, a list of names appears. It appears to be a census of the entire parish. Or perhaps it is a registry of a Sacrament of Confirmation administered to these people during a visit to Soufflenheim by the bishop.

The list begins with this paragraph (in Latin, followed by my attempt at an English translation):

Anno Dominis Millenimo Septingentesimo Sexagesimo primo die viis duodecima mensis juny reverendisimus Episcopus orathemius et Veianig generalis Dioecis augent inenius vistationum Suam in hac parochia Suffleheimenis habuit Siurulgs S. Seus eun entum confirma tianis Distribuit Seguintibus in ordine positio.

The Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven-Hundred Sixty One on the day (viis?) twelfth of the month of June the most reverend Bishop (orathemius?) and (Veianig?) general/universal district enlarge/increase/honor (inenius - insessus = occupying or holding) visitation (Suam?) in this way parish of Soufflenheim held (Siurulgs) (S.) (Seus) (eun) (entum) (confirmatianis = of confirmation) (Distribuit = he distributes) (Seguintibus = following (abl.)) in order of position.

The names (not completely transcribed yet):

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