Susan Pierce's Accident, 1923

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(Notes by Brian Smith, January 2001: This article is from the Newport Miner newspaper. I transcribed it from an original issue of the newspaper lent to me by Alice Leola Smith Chrysler. Although she was 72 years old at the time of the accident, Susan Pierce, my great-great-grandmother, survived and lived for another twenty years, confined to a wheelchair.)


FROM THE NEWPORT MINER, front page, Thursday, March 1, 1923:

Train Strikes Aged Woman


Milwaukee Passenger Train Runs Over Mrs. Pierce


Is Quite Severely Injured


Mrs. Susan Pierce, age 72, had both of her feet cut off above the ankles and her right arm broken when she was struck and run over by the train at about 10:15 Wednesday morning, as the train was pulling out of Newport. The accident happened at the point where the sidewalk crosses the railroad track about 400 feet from the passenger depot.

The victim had groceries in her arms and was going to her home on the south side of town. It is thought that she was not aware of the train until it was upon her. The train was not going fast, as it had only moved about 200 feet since leaving the depot.

Taken to Hospital

When people reached her after the accident, she had raised up on her elbow in an effort to help herself. She did not loose [sic] consciousness at any time until she was given an anaesthetic at the hospital.

She was rushed to the hospital by Dr. Cleveland and others near the scene of the accident. She was cared for by Drs. Cleveland and Bardwell. She has rallied from the operation following the accident, and seems to be getting along as well as can be expected.

It is said that the train crew did not see Mrs. Pierce until after the engine struck her. It is alleged that the fireman, on whose side of the engine she was approaching the crossing, was looking back toward the end of the train for signals.

Stops Train Immediately

The brakes were applied and the train was stopped a short distance after it was over the crossing. It remained there until the train men ascertained that the victim was in the care of a doctor.

A. Pierce, her husband, arrived this morning from Springdale, Ore., where he is now in business. Mrs. Pierce had been with him until a short time after Christmas, when she returned to Newport for her health. She has been staying at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce are long-time residents of Newport. Mr. Pierce started in business here fifteen years ago, and has since owned a fruit and candy store. He still owns his store here, which has been in the charge of Mrs. Smith since last fall when Mr. Pierce purchased another store in Oregon.


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