Frank Hoch Death Record, 1904

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(Notes by Brian Smith, October 2000: During a 1980 trip to Lancaster, New York, I found this document in the Lancaster village archives. I copied its contents by hand. Many of the spaces were left blank, as I have indicated.)

Record of Deaths in the Village of Lancaster, County of Erie, State of New York. From Nov. 6, 1899 to Oct 3, 1912. (Page 146)

REGISTER NO. 160     DATE OF DEATH __________
Full Name of Deceased _Frank Hock_
Age _72_ years, ___ months, ___ days.
Single, Married or Widowed    _Widowed_      Color   _White_
Occupation   _Retired_
Birthplace __________
How long in the United States if foreign born __________
How long resident here ____ years    _one_   months _____ days
Father's name   _Unknown_
Mother's name   _"_
Place of death   _Lancaster_     Last Place of Residence    _Lancaster_
Direct Cause of Death   _(?) Insufficiency_    Indirect Cause _General Debility_
Duration of Disease   _Chronic_

Death reported by   _Frank Stabel_
Death certified by  _C.L. Susso_ M.D.
Residence of Medical Attendant  _Lancaster_
Place of Burial   _St. Mary's Cemetery_
     By _Zurbrick Schligel_ Undertaker
Residence of Undertaker    _Lancaster_

Date of Burial   _Nov. 15th / 04_
Date of Record   _Dec 5th / 04_


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