Catherine Ott Voegele, 1902

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Catherine Ott (1825-1908) is the wife of Joseph Voegele (1823-1890). Her children include Joseph Voegele (1862-1934) who married Anna Regina Balthasar, and Mary Ann Voegele (1860-1931) who married Anthony Nuwer.

It appears that this photograph was taken on the same day and at the same place as two Ott family photographs in this collection: the photograph titled "Ott and Voegele Families, 1902," and photo F2 of Anna Balthasar's family album. Catherine is wearing the same outfit in all three photos; the same wooden tower is visible in this photo and in the 1902 photo; and this photo and photo F2 appear to be the same riverbank location, viewed from different angles.

Date of photo: Probably August 1902, the same as the two Ott family photographs.

Here is an enlargement of part of this photograph:

Thank you to Dr. Donald Nuwer for providing a copy of this photograph.

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