The Hock (or Hoch) Family

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HOCK (sometimes spelled Hoch) was the name of my great-great-grandfather, Frank Hock (1831-1904). Frank came to the America as an infant, and his family settled somewhere in Erie County, New York.

At this point, we have various information about Frank Hock's immigrant family, but not quite enough to link it all together. On this page, I will present a survey of what we do know.

Claudius, Andrew, and Frank Hock

From various census and church records, we have three key male members of the Hock family:

Each of these men appear together in church records. But what is there relationship? Are they brothers? Is Frank the son of Claudius?


Grosswallstadt (or "Großwallstadt" in German script) is the village of origin of the Hock family. We have seen it mentioned in two places:

Brig Ann and Emilee, 1833

The Brig Ann and Emilee is the ship which may have brought the Hock family to America. It arrived 09-Jul-1833 in New York, having departed from Bremen.

From the passenger list on microfilm:

Census Records

1840. In the 1840 census of Amherst, there are four Hock households:

Unfortunately, the 1840 census does not name family members nor give precise ages.

1850. In the 1850 census of Amherst, there are two Hock households:

St. Mary's Cemetery in Lancaster

I have found several Hock tombstones in the cemetery of the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption in Lancaster, New York:


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