1836 Census Products
Warning to Prospective Buyers

I have purchased two 1836 census CDs:

I also describe these products, and a third one, the 1836 Census of Strasbourg, on the Tips and Resources page of the Communities of Alsace A-Z website which I manage.

The quality of these products is very good. The author, C.Geyer, has done a fine job of creating a quality research tool.

If you are considering purchasing any of these products, I recomend that you buy them directly from the source:

"Census 1836" at

In the past, these products have also been available for purchase from an organization named GeneaNet. I advise making purchases from GeneaNet, because they make personal information about their customers available online.

This warning applies only to making purchases from GeneaNet. I have had good experience buying directly from the author at www.census1836.com and recommend that source..


Brian J. Smith
September 1, 2005
Most recently revised on May 19, 2008
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