Stundwiller, Oberroedern, Aschbach - Names from Microfilm Records, 1683-1792

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I transcribed this information from the Stundwiller microfilm records beginning in May, 2003. I did not transcribe every record found, only records for families and time periods in which I have an interest. The project is incomplete and still ongoing.

These are the records of the Catholic Church of St. George in Stundwiller. The parish of St. George served other neighboring villages, including Oberroedern and Aschbach.

The church records are in Latin, and I have transcribed the Latin names exactly as I have seen them. For example, the English name "Anthony" (which is "Anton" in German and "Antoine" in French) will usually appear as the Latin "Antonius" or "Antonii" on this page, depending on the context in which it appears in the original record. ("Antonii" being the possessive form of "Antonius," similar to the possessive form "Anthony's" in English.)

Also, in the Latin records, a woman's surname usually appears with the suffix "-in", which I have usually retained in this transcription.



I have transcribed only selected births from these records.



I have transcribed only selected births from these microfilm records.



I have transcribed only selected burials from these records.


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