Possible Emigration of Bernard Philipps of Stundwiller

This is a note about the possible emigration to the U.S. of Bernard PHILIPPS, born 03-May-1824 in Stundwiller, Alsace, the son of Francois PHILIPPS and Barbe ROEHRIG.

Bernard PHILIPPS of Stundwiller may be the same Bernard PHILIPPS who appears in the records of New Castle County, Delaware. According to family trees online at Ancestry.com, Bernard of Delaware married Elizabeth JARRELL or GERALD (who was born in Delaware) and he apparently died before 1900. In the 1870 census in New Castle County, Bernard was 47 years old, born in France. So he was born in 1822 or 1823. His wife Elizabeth and all of his children were born in Delaware.

We do not know enough about Delaware Bernard to be certain that he is the same person as Stundwiller Bernard. More information about him, such as a record in the U.S. giving his birth date or parents' names, is needed. However, DNA evidence supports this conjecture.

As of the date of this writing (May 2019), AncestryDNA has identified two descendants of Delaware Bernard as distant cousins of my mother, Alice Staebell Smith:

These two and Alice share DNA with other distant cousins who are known to have ancestors from Stundwiller. In May 2018, Christie Caywood checked the AncestryDNA matches of Dorothy Rohr and found many with Stundwiller ancestors related to Dorothy through Bernard Philipps of Delaware, including some who are descended from Ferdinand PHILIPPS, an elder brother of Bernard PHILIPPS of Stundwiller.

All of this suggests that either Delaware Bernard is from Stundwiller or he is closely related to a Stundwiller family.

Two boys named Bernard PHILIPPS were born in northern Alsace in the early 1820's. Both were born in Stundwiller:

The second of these, Bernard son of Henry Philippe, made a citizenship declaration in Alsace-Lorraine in 1872. Therefore he cannot be Delaware Bernard.

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