Marriage Bann of Elisabetha Vögele
January, 1751

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Source: LDS Family History Library microfilm # 0740080.

Transcribed and translated from the Latin by Brian J. Smith, April, 2001.

This document is a bann (decree) of marriage of Elisabetha Vögele of Soufflenheim to Conrad Heffelin of Beinheim.

Elisabetha Vögele was probably a distant relative. In the text her surname is given as "Vögelin." It was a common practice in the Latin texts of this period to add the suffix "-in" to the name of a female. I do not know why.

I have translated this document because when I encountered it I did not recognize many of the Latin words which it contained.


The text, in Latin:

1751 Elisabetha Vögelin [in the left margin]

Anno domini millesimo septingentesimo quinquagesimo primo die vero septimo mensis january tribus proclamationibus in Ecclesia mea parochiali factis nullo detecto impedimento Elisabetham Vögelin filiam Francisci Vögele civic huius loci et Anna Maria Bichlerin coniugum defunctorum, parochianam meam dimisi ad Dominum Steffany parochum in Beinheim diocesis Argentinensis, quatenig? per cum matrimonio uingi? valeat cum conrado heffelin ex dicta parochia Beinheim. A. Streicher vicarius.

The English translation:

1751 Elizabeth Vögele [in the left margin]

The year of the Lord one thousand seven hundred fifty one on this very day the seventh of the month of January I bestow a bann in my parish Church made, no hindrance having been uncovered, Elizabeth Vögele, daughter of Francis Vögele, citizen of this place, and Anna Maria Bichler, married, deceased, of my parish, I dismiss to the Lord Stephen parish in Beinheim of the diocese of Strasbourg, to the extent through with marriage uingi? is effective with Conrad Heffelin from the stated parish Beinheim.

A. Streicher, vicar


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