Moselle (Lorraine), France
Names from Microfilm Records

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I transcribed this information from microfilm records beginning in December, 2003. I did not transcribe every record found, only records for families and time periods in which I have an interest. The project is incomplete and still ongoing.


Film 1960736, Items 9 and 10 - Nousseviller-lès-Bitche (Moselle), Civil Registration - Births, Marriages, Deaths - 1793-1835

Items 1-8 of this microfilm are records of the village of Nouilly. Items 9 and 10 are records of the village of Nousseviller-lès-Bitche. Item 9 covers the years 1793-1812. Item 10 covers the years 1813-1835.

I have reviewed the records from 1823 through 1834.





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