Wintershouse - Names from Microfilm Records
Compiled by Brian J. Smith

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Wintershouse is a village in Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France.

This page lists names found in the Wintershouse microfilm records. My search of these microfilm reels is neither complete nor thorough. I searched only for the names that appear in my family history, such as OTT and SCHNEIDER. I did not find a record of my ancestors there. Therefore, I believe that my ancestors did not originate in this village.

Nevertheless, I have preserved my findings on this page for future reference, and to assist other researchers. I have only recorded names of interest to me -- SCHNEIDER and OTT, primarily. I have not recorded every instance of these surnames.

Microfilm 769110 - Tables Décennales 1792-1862

Births 1813-1822

Births 1823-1832

Births 1833-1842

Marriages 1813-1822

Marriages 1823-1832


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