Huttendorf, Bas-Rhin, Alsace - Names from Microfilm Records
Compiled by Brian J. Smith - April, 2003

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I searched the microfilm records of Huttendorf, a village in Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France, hoping to find a record of my ancestors John Ott and Mary Ann Meder or perhaps my ancestors Peter Schneider and Barbara Klein. I did not find any OTT and SCHNEIDER marriage records in the years 1792-1842. Therefore, I believe that my ancestors did not originate in Huttendorf.

I searched for all marriages with the surname SCHNEIDER, OTT, or DAUL from 1792 through 1842. I searched for all OTT births from 1813 through 1832.

Some of the dates below use the French Republican Calendar, which was in effect from 1793 until 1805.

FHL Microfilm 0767887 - Huttendorf - Tables Décennales (Ten-Year Indexes) 1792-1862

Marriages, 1792-1802 (y.10)

Marriages, 1803 (y.11)-1812

Marriages, 1813-1822

Marriages, 1823-1832

Marriages, 1833-1842

Births, 1813-1832


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