Cantons Bas-Rhin, Alsace - Names from Microfilm Records
Compiled by Brian J. Smith - 2004-2005

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I searched the microfilm records of various cantons (counties) in Bas-Rhin (Alsace), France, hoping to find a record of my ancestors John Ott and Mary Ann Meder. For records on this page, the Family History Library has collected all of the Tables Décennales (Ten-Year Indexes) for the communities in a canton onto a single set of microfilm reels.

Occasionnally I made note of some name other than Ott that caught my eye in the microfilm records. However, I made no comprehensive search for any name other than Ott.

Niederbronn Canton - Tables Décennales

FHL Microfilm 0742558 and 0742559

FHL Microfilm 0772800

Bischwiller Canton - Tables Décennales

FHL Microfilm 0742524

FHL Microfilm 0742524 and 0742539

FHL Microfilm 0742540



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